Sweden Independence day 2021 Date, History, Celebrations, Images & Wishes

Sweden Independence day flag

Sweden Independence Day is celebrated on 6th June every year. The day is also known as the National Day of Sweden or as the Swedish Flag Day. It is celebrated as a national holiday in Sweden. Big and small celebrations are held around the country, in which even the king and queen of Sweden take part.

To know more about the Sweden Independence Day, keep reading till the end. This article will give a lucid idea about the day and the history behind the day. You can also check out our vivid collection of Images on Sweden Independence Day. Feel free to share the images and wishes with your friends and family.

Sweden Independence Day 2021

Sweden Independence Day is a day of deep significance. The day also has a long history behind it. Nearly five centuries ago, the first Swedish king was crowned on this date, followed by the adoption of the country’s constitution in 1809. Before 1983, this national holiday was also known as the Swedish Flag Day. Though the day was celebrated throughout the nation from 1916, the government only announced the day as an official National day in 1983.

Sweden Independence day
Sweden Independence day

Some people were reluctant to celebrate the day at first as citizens questioned the validity of the day as a national holiday. Although as time went by people started to celebrate the day as a tradition.

Normally the citizens celebrate this historic day by waving their National Flag with the royals. Special ceremonies are held throughout the country. It’s unfortunate but such grand celebrations will not probably take place on this 6th June 2021 due to the pandemic.

Sweden Independence Day Date

Every year the Sweden Independence Day is observed on 6th June. In 2021, the day will be celebrated on the same date.

History of Sweden Independence Day

This national holiday has long history. The day marks the Swedish independence from Danish ruled Kalmar Union back in 1523. King Gustav Vasa was elected as the new king, signifying the start of a modern Sweden. Later, in 1809, the nation’s constitution was adopted on 6th June.

Even though two historic events took place long ago, the tradition to celebrate the day started quite recently in 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium. Back then, a national romantic wind was starting to blow though the societies. As a result, the day was celebrated with the name of ‘Swedish Flag Day’ at first.

The government declared the day as the national day in 1983. Even then, the day didn’t make the cut to be a national holiday till recently. The Swedish government announced the Swedish Independence Day as a public holiday in 2005 to encourage more people joining the celebrations held around the country. In 2005, Swedish National Day replaced the Whit Monday.

How do Swedes Celebrate Independence Day?

When it comes to celebrations Swedes are a bit laid back. The royals usually join the celebrations. The king and Queen of Sweden visit the ceremony at Stockholm’s open air museum on the Independence Day. They are greeted with bouquets of summer flowers given by children. These children dress up in traditional peasant costume while handing the flowers. No other grand celebration is held on this day. The museum and parts of Stockholm Palace stays open all day long to everyone without the usual entry fees.

Most people usually take a rest on the day as most office and schools remain closed. Some ceremonies with music are also held in some big cities, around the country.

5 Interesting Facts about Sweden National Day

There is no end in gaining knowledge. Here are five facts about the Sweden Independence Day, also known as Sweden National Day, that you might want to look into if you want to know more about this date:

  • The day honours the electing of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, which signified the end of Danish-ruled Kalmar Union.
  • The day also marks the anniversary of adoption of the country’s constitution.
  • The day is also known as Swedish Flag Day. In 1983, it was renamed to Swedish National day.
  • The day was announced as a national holiday only in 2005. It replaced the Whit Monday.
  • Every year on 6th June, parts of Stockholm Palace and the open air museum stays open for the citizens for free.

Sweden Independence Day 2021 Images

Sweden Independence day Images Download
Sweden Independence day Images Download

We are living in the digital era. Sharing images about the Sweden Independence Day is one the easiest ways to celebrate the holiday. It is even more efficient now that we can’t go out freely as we are going through a global pandemic. You can check out our collection of images and you can share them with your loved ones or share through every social media platforms.

Sweden Independence day Images
Sweden Independence day Images

Sweden Independence Day 2021 Wishes

When it comes to celebrations wishing your family and family is a must. Feel free to use our collection of wishes with your loved ones:

  • Long live Sweden. Happy Independence Day.
  • Remembering the king Gustav Vasa, Happy Independence Day.
Sweden Independence day flag
Sweden Independence day flag

People Also Ask:

  • When is Swedish national Day 2021?

Swedish National Day, also known as Swedish Independence Day or Swedish Flag Day, is celebrated on 6th June every year.

  • What is Swedish National Day Food?

Most citizens don’t really associate any food with the Swedish National Day but there is one nationaldagsbakelsen (a national cake). Some citizens also prefer to take a booze to enjoy the holiday.

  • How to Wish Happy Independence Day to Swedes?

You can wish Happy Independence Day to Swedes by simply indulging yourself in their culture. You can also join parties organized by swedes people on this day. Or you can download our images and wishes and share them to wish Happy Independence Day to Swedes.

We wish a very Happy Independence Day 2021 to all Swedes. Make sure to mask up and follow all the safety rules if you are to go out to celebrate.

We hope that you liked reading this article. Feel free to download the images about Sweden Independence Day and share them as much as you much through Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. You can also share the wishes about the National Day with your loved ones. Last but not least, do not forget to have fun on Sweden Independence Day 2021 holiday.

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