International Firefighters Day 2021 History, Significance, Quotes, Images & Wishes

Happy International Firefighters Day 2021

International Firefighters Day 2021 History, Significance, Quotes, Images & Wishes: We all love the Avengers and The heroes who saves our world in the movies and fictional stories right? At some point of our life we all have wished or dreamed to be a superhero in our life, but left it when we realized that it was just fictional and impossible. But do you know that there are real superheroes in this world? Yeah, they are our Firefighters. Even though they don’t have any special powers or advantageous features to be worshiped about, they are the real heroes in the world. They are the real images of sacrifice.

They are the people who keep our world and people safe from fire and any danger around us at the risk of their life. They don’t care about day or night or working hours or free hours, they will come flying with their siren to save the world leaving every thing behind and we have seen them working for hours without a break. When we see a fire engine rushing to a site of accident every one of pray in silence that every be saved and secured, but have you ever thought about the firefighters who are risking their life? Have you ever prayed for them. It is time you ask and think about it.

The International Firefighters Day (IFFD) is the day for all the firefighters in this world who sacrificed their life for the safety of others and who are still risking their life to save the world. It is the day to honor and acknowledge their sacrifices and effort and appreciate and support them in the future. This article will provide you a clear idea about the significance, history and the event on the International Firefighters day (IFFD) and will provide you with images and quotes and wishes you could use to wish and appreciate all the real heroes around us.


4 May Firefighter Appreciation Day

The International Firefighters Day also known as fire fighter Appreciation Day is celebrated on 4th may every year and this year also it is celebrated on 4th may, Tuesday. This global day is observed to acknowledge and honor all the sacrifices and risks taken by the Firefighters and to appreciate and support their actions in the future to make the world safe and peaceful. Every one of us are responsible to participate and appreciate the firefighters because they protects us also. Risking their life is never a fear for them, losing a life is what they are afraid of. So it is our duty make this day beautiful for them.

Every year on the 1st Sunday of may a special custom called sound off is being conducted all over the world. On this day at noon at local time, a fire siren of 30 second, and after that silence for one minute is observed to remember and respect all the firefighters we lost that year. This is known as “sound off”. Recently the International Firefighters day is transformed into firefighters appreciation week.

That is the week which include may 4th. On this week people gets together and initiates plans and arranges variety of awareness programs at national, regional and local level  and competition among students and children are conducted. Shows and art forms in support of firefighters and rallies and processions are also conducted at various parts of the world.

International Firefighters Day History

The International Firefighters Day (IFFD) came into existence because of the efforts of Mr. JJ Edmondson, a firefighter himself, following the incidents at Linton in Victoria, Australia in the year 1998. The tragic event terrified the people of Victoria. The 2nd of December that year a bushfire spread at Linton, a highly populated area in Victoria, and Firefighters were trying to bring the fire down. When the fire became uncontrollable the asked for additional aid and a team of 5 firefighters of Geelong West fires were sent to the scene. As they were heading to the site, the wind suddenly changed its direction and on their way they were engulfed by the fire along with their truck. All 5 of them were dead.

This accident triggered JJ Edmondson to ask for an International day of holiday for all the Firefighters around to support their life and appreciate their efforts to make the world safe and better. He sent email to all of his colleagues mentioning his intention of the International Firefighters Day on January 4th 1999. And later it was decided that the International Firefighters Day would be celebrated on 4th of may every year

The International Firefighters Day (IFFD) got the date 4th of may because of the patron saint of Firefighters, St. Florian. May 4th is St. Florian’s day. He is known to be the first Firefighting commander of an actual battalion of Noricum, Rome 300 AD. It is believed that he saved a village from fire using a single bucket of water. He is also the protector from danger out of fire. Because of this reason the International Firefighters Day was chosen to be on the same date that is 4th of May.

International Firefighters Day Significance

The International Firefighters day was first celebrated in the year 1999 with the initiative of JJ Edmondson. The day was first observed in respect of the 5 firefighters who lost their life at Linton Victoria. Now the day is used, to remember, all the firefighters we lost in accidents, all of them who became victims of the fire and to honor, respect and appreciate the efforts of the Firefighters who still fights risking their life and family. The motto of Firefighters is ‘I will sell my life  to my enemy fire but, I will Surrender it dearly and freely to rescue others in hazard’.

They are the real heroes of the world as they are the people who run towards the danger without fear and takes action quickly. Let it be fire or any other accidents, It is always the firefighters who arrives first than medical aids and support. It shows their loyalty towards their role as a firefighter. Even if it is not their working day they would voluntarily comes forward to help people leaving everything behind.

We need to celebrate this day to make people aware that their lives are also valuable and it should not be taken for granted. They also have a family and loved ones waiting for them. They also should be protected and taken care. What we could do for this course is reducing the chances of fire accidents. May be a little extra care would be enough to do so. Arranging immediate back-up to prevent fire accidents like fire alarms with automatic water release facilities in buildings.

Fire extinguisher in all the floors of buildings can be setup. To protect the life of Firefighters they should be provided with intense and strict training before sent to a site of accidents. They should be provided with life insurance and accident insurance to support their life. They should be provided free medical assistance and other physical treatment occurred from fighting for people.

International Firefighters Day 2021

Wondering how to celebrate and appreciate our real heros in this International Firefighters Day (IFFD)? How about pinning a red and blue ribbon on us to show our support to them and inspiring others to do the same? Or decorating our home and other place with red and blue light. On this day, around the world, people gathers at public places and conduct appreciation and commemoration meetings for the Firefighters we lost in accidents and to appreciate and support the firefighters still fighting.

Let us participate in it and support them together. Many rallies and processions are conducted at various part of the world with placards and slogans. Let us prepare one for ourselves and join those processions and show our support. There are a lot of organizations who do charity work for the families of firefighters who lost their life or are now retired as victims of accidents. Lets us contribute small amounts which we could provide to those charity funds in this International Firefighters Day(IFFD) and make their life beautiful.

Even at this challenging times of pandemic Firefighters were in the front row to help and assist the government and medical teams to fight the virus. They fearlessly step forward without caring about getting affected and helped in all the ways they could possibly can. So let us also during this pandemic, make their day special to them. We know that, right now, it is not possible to come out and get together to show our support for them but we can show our support and appreciation for them in social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Let’s us post our photos wearing red and blue ribbons or stand with them by joining the 2021 online activities of International Fallen Firefighters Foundation (IFFF) and also show our support using hashtags like #shine4Firefighters or #WeThankFFs.

5 Facts about International Firefighters Day

The Firefighters are the real faces of humanity. Watching them we can proudly say humanity still exists even in this era. Not only the trained Firefighters but also the voluntary hands who offers to support them on the site of accidents also the example of humanity and they also deserve to be respected. For respecting them we celebrates the International Firefighters day. They are the real inspiration to the world. The people who wishes to be the super heroes of the world, this the best profession you can choose.

You have a special suit and an amazing vehicle always ready for your mission. It is thrilling and challenging. The International Firefighters day is the day to respect those who opt to the superheroes here are some important facts about international Firefighters day and their profession. This may even change your attitude towards the profession make sure you go through it and share it with your friends.

  • The first International Firefighters Day was celebrated on 4th may in the year 1999 with the leadership of JJ Edmondson
  • The International Firefighters Day came into existence after the death of 5 firefighters on a bush fire at Linton, Australia
  • The International Firefighters day got its date 4th may from firefighter’s patron’s day that is St. Florian. He is know to be a firefighter.
  • The symbol of Firefighters is red and blue ribbons one over another. In which, the red symbolizes the fire and blue symbolizes the water.
  • A firefighter wears 5 to 30 kilo grams on their body and their uniform can withstand up to 2200°F.
  • On the 1st Sunday of the month mat at noon a fire siren of 30 second and silence for one minute is followed by all the Firefighting office in the world called ‘sound off’ to remember and respect the life they lost fighting fire

Firefighter Appreciation Day 2021 Images with quotes

Do you know that the lives of Firefighters are thrilling than the lives of soldiers? Yeah, because they faces unexpected challenges at every point of their life just like a game what existing is they will have to find a solution to fight it. It is risky but at the same time thrilling. The International Firefighters day is also known as Firefighters appreciation day, because this day is meant to appreciate all their efforts and sacrifices.

International Firefighters Day 2021 Images with Quotes
International Firefighters Day 2021 Images with Quotes
Happy International Firefighters Day 2021 Images with Quotes
Happy International Firefighters Day 2021 Images with Quotes

Even now a lot of people view this line of job as a low standard job. Such a perspective is a curse and a real danger to the society. Let us change that perspective by teaching them the dignity of this job in this day. There were a lot of people who realized the dignity of this job and spoke out loud let us here them and let us share their quotes to those who need to read these quotes on International Firefighters Day.

Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images Quotes
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images Quotes
International Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images Quotes
International Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images Quotes

International Firefighters day 2021 Quotes

The motto of Firefighters is ‘I will sell my life  to my enemy fire but, I will Surrender it dearly and freely to rescue others in hazard’. They are trained to fight an enemy who is stronger than them. They are the real warriors. Their courage while running towards the danger is respectful. At the same time they are ready to sacrifice their life for fellow citizens, they are the real saints. The goodness of their mind is unimaginable. Acknowledging their efforts and sacrifices for one day or this special day is not enough, but we have to make sure that they are always respected and appreciated and supported.

We have to give them courage and support for them to move forward that is our responsibility. Here are some words and quotes on International Firefighters day. Let us keep them in mind and join hand with the Firefighters. Let us share this quotes on social medias like Facebook and Instagram and updated our stories with these quotes on International Firefighters day.

The role of a firefighter in Today’s Society- be it urban, rural, natural, environment, volunteer, career, industrial, defense force, aviation, motor sports, or other is one of dedication, commitment and sacrifice – no matter what a country we reside and work in. In the fire service we fight together against one common enemy – fire – no matter what country we come from, what uniform we wear or what language we speak – JJ Edmondson

Firefighters never die, they just Burn forever in the hearts of the people whose life they saved. – Susan Murphree

When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work. – Edward F. Croker

I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine. – kurt Vonnegut

That’s the life, being a fireman. It sure beats being a ballplayer . I’d rather be a fireman. – Ted Williams

Happy International Firefighters day 2021 Wishes

Firefighting is one of the world’s most courageous job. The thing is not that they are fearless of fire but they are professional than that fear. It is what makes the job special and it is what makes this day beautiful and it is what brought this day into existence. We have hear of the might warriors who fought at the battlefield and won the war. The Firefighters are the warriors who fight against a stranger enemy, who can engulf them, even without a plan and only with courage. At the end whey they win the war they are mightier than those warriors who fought for a kings desire. Because what makes them mightier is that they don’t fight for any desire. They fought for life and homes of other people sacrificing their own.

Happy International Firefighters Day 2021
Happy International Firefighters Day 2021

On This International Firefighters day let us remember in our prayers, all the Firefighters who have lost the battle in the battlefield and died and their families and also let us appreciate and support all those warriors who are still fighting with might. Let us make their day special by wishing them all the blessings and supports we could provide. Here are some amazing wishes on International Firefighters day which you could use to share with your friends and families who are working in the field of Firefighting and appreciate them.

Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021
  • The Firefighters are the real heroes they run towards the danger instead of running away. Wishing every fire workers Happy Firefighters day… and thanking you for you risking service for the society
  • Lots of love to all the Firefighters who comes flying with much enthusiasm, dedication and commitment even without the simplest clue about what they are to encounter. Wishing all the blessings in the world. Happy Firefighters Day.
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Wishes
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Wishes
  • Let us show our honor and respect to all the Firefighters around us on this International Firefighters Day. Happy Firefighters Day 2021.
  • Massive respect to all the Firefighters who risked their life to protect the society and also for their commitment and dedication towards the work. Happy Firefighters day
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images with Quotes
Firefighters Appreciation Day 2021 Images with Quotes
  • Respect to the families of Firefighters who risks their blood to save lives. Nothing can payback your generosity. Thanking you on this occasion of Firefighters day and whishing you all the blessings of the day. Happy Firefighters day.

People Also Ask

  • What is a typical day for a firefighter?

Firefighters are always alert for calls reporting accidents were their presence is necessary. They are ready 24×7 for an immediate mission. Fire engine will always be ready. They works on shifts but if necessary they are always ready to work for days without break.

  • Do firefighters have a lot of free time?

No, they are always ready to fight for the society and are always on alert. They almost are always busy and the have very less free time.

  • How to wish on Firefighter Appreciation Day?

We can wear the blue and red ribbon support and appreciate them on international Firefighters day, We can donate to charity funds who support their families and loved ones, we can support them by offering a hand, we can also show our support and appreciation on social media through hashtags and other online event on the day.


Let us pray on this international Firefighters day that no more life be engulfed by the fire in any accidents around the world also let us make sure to remember all of the Firefighters in our prayers  we hope we were able to provide you with International Firefighters Day 2021 History, Significance, Quotes, Images & Wishes. We hope you would make use f this wishes quotes and read and share all the knowledge of this international day. Happy International Firefighters day 2021.

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