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Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021

Pride Month 2021: Pride month is celebrated to represent gay pride or the LGBTQ community and to give a respectful tribute to those who were involved in the stonewall inn movements in June month of 1969. This movement was for the community and their rights in the city therefore every year on 28 June everyone celebrates this day by joining the parades and having fun. You can also have fun with the rainbow color flags and the glitter all on your face. There are several ways by which you can celebrate this pride month. But before that, you should know the history of how it started or why we celebrate June month as pride month.

Why we celebrate Pride Month?

Several years back on 28 June 1969 in New York City police raided the stonewall inn which was the gay bar or club in the Greenwich Village. After the raid, people in the neighbourhood and staff of the club started the riot on Christopher Street which was outside the club. Many leaders were handling this riot to make a point and try to gain their rights but Marsha P. Johnson was one of the leaders who was a black, trans, bisexual woman. She was leading this movement for about 6 days after the raid. The demand of the protestors was very clear, they wanted to develop some places where they can go to have fun without hiding their sexuality. They wanted to be open with their sexual preferences without any fear of arrest from the police.

When this riot was ended, the government gave them some freedom about their sexual preference therefore this riot was important in the gay community. You should also know that how this day was started to celebrate as a pride month. Brenda Howard was one of the popular bisexual activists at that time of the year. She is the one to whom everyone gives credit to start the celebration of pride month. She is also known as the “The Mother of Pride” because, after the year of the riot, she arranges Gay Pride Week and Christopher Liberation Day to give tribute to the people who were involved in the Stonewall riot. After the years this small parade grows into the New York City Pride March and people around the world were taking inspiration from this incident. Still today, many Gay Americans are treated as if they belong from other planet and this happens not only in one of the most developed country but also in other places where acceptance of other gender is still rare.

All in all, a month is dedicated to LGBTQ community who wants to be treated as equal to other people in society. They want to have a state of inclusion with other people for living a honest life and not hiding behind doors to veil their gender.

Pride Month June 2021

Every year on 28 June Pride Month is celebrated across the world with different types of celebrations. Some people like to have fun with the parades and march but some try to organize programs that support Gay Pride. This pride month is officially recognized by the U.S. government in 1999 and 2000 under the leadership of Bill Clinton as the president of the United States. This was a big step for the gay and LGBTQ community across the world. After Barack Obama was elected he declared June month as the LGBTQ Pride Month from 2006 to 2019. When Donald Trump was elected he shared a tweet that says that he launched the global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the respect of June Pride Month.

In Africa, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda were the countries that first celebrated pride month and in Asia, countries like India, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Nepal, Israel, Hong Kong and East Timor celebrated successfully.

Many people are not ready to accept their individuality and they constantly live in a state of fear that maybe society will not accept them but one should always remember that you do not  belong to anybody, your life is your choice and you should live it however you want. Each of us are different and you should face the difference and live your life on your own terms.

Pride Month June 2021
Pride Month June 2021

You should know that the New York City Pride Parade in 2019 was the biggest Gay Pride parade over the years with over 2 million people. There were different leaders with their voices to support the LGBTQ community.

Pride Month June 2021 Theme

In the year 2021, many people will celebrate June as Pride month and its 51st anniversary. There will be various events and parades where you can join to support the gay community. Every year there is a different theme to represent the events and parades therefore this year the theme of the June pride month is “This year, it’s different”. Due to the pandemic and the COVID-19 restriction, you have to be safe and celebrate this month under the restrictions. If you can’t find any parades in your areas then you can go to the events which are arranged to celebrate and support the gay community. June pride Month is all about celebrating the safety and freedom of the LGBT community and make them feel safe around everyone.

Flag for Pride Month 2021

The rainbow flag represents the pride of the gay and LGBTQ community and the history of the flag is a must to know. The gay politician named Harvey Milk asked his designer friend Gilbert Baker to design the symbol which will represent the San Francisco Pride March in the year 1978. This flag represents the freedom of the community and the pride of the people who hold it. The parade and events are all about holding the flag with pride. It will represent your support to the community and your respect for their sexual preference.

Flag for Pride Month June 2021
Flag for Pride Month June 2021

You will also find several flag designs that will represent the gay community but the rainbow flag was very popular around the world. The colors of the flag represent the freedom of the community.

Best Pride Month 2021 Caption for Instagram

Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram
Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram

Last year due to the pandemic restriction most people didn’t get a chance to join the parade or march but with the help of social media, everyone got the chance to show support for the community. You can upload the posts with captions which can encourage the people in the community. You can also get the chance to change the thinking of people by sharing your experience. Most people also arrange many online programs which will make your gay community respected.

Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram
Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram

Following area one caption for Instagram on the June Pride Month occasion –

  • “I was born this way and I love it”
  • “ People will talk either way therefore do what you want and what you feel like”
  • “Show the world who you are and be proud of it”
  • “You have the freedom to love whoever you want to love”
  • “We can’t choose how to born but we can choose how to live our life”
  • “It takes courage to be different in the crowd where everyone has a problem of your being different”

Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021

Following are some beautiful quotes that you can share with your friends are a family on the celebration of Pride Month.

Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021
Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021
  • “Let’s celebrate love in different forms and eradicate discrimination based on sexual preference”
  • “In the end, love is love even it is different”
  • “Happy Pride Month! Be proud of what you are”
  • “Enjoy yourself, don’t think about the gender or what people think”
  • “I maybe calm in the face but deep down I want a place where I live freely without any judgements”
  • “Keep calm or live fiercely”

We need to spread awareness towards the right of the community. This Pride month June 2021 is a great opportunity to show your solidarity & speak it out loud.  Let’s now forget that we all are equal not matter our race, cast, creed , religion & orientation. Let’s take this opportunity & spread the message far. We hope that you enjoyed reading article about Pride Month June 2021 & let us know which of the Pride month 2021 Images Quotes are your favorite.

Finally, we as a society and a responsible citizen should accept the fact that each one of us can live our lives in a way what we want. This diversity of humanity should be accepted by all irrespective of race or religion.

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