World Civil Defence Day 2021 Theme, Date, History, Quotes, Wishes & Greetings

World Civil Defence Day 2021 Quotes

The main objective of celebrating and observing World Civil Defense Day 2021 is to save the innocent lives of millions of people, to minimize the loss of natural and man-made property, and to keep the commoners updated and aware of their own safety from the advancing disasters when necessary.

World Civil Defence Day 2021 Date

Observed on March 1st every year all over the world, World civil Defence Day or WCDD  is a day celebrated to pay respect to the efforts, sacrifices, and accomplishments of all the national services of all the countries in the world who fight against all sorts of disasters to offer all citizens a sound sleep.

World Civil Defence Day 2021 Theme

Like every other year, this year stands no exception in bringing out a unique theme for  World Civil Defence Day. “ Civil Defence and a First Aider in every home”, is the internationally chosen theme for World Civil Defence Day 2021.

World Civil Defence Day 2021 History

This day is celebrated in remembrance of the day when  “ICDO” which stands for “ The International Civil Defence Organisation” came into force as an inter-governmental organisation in 1972. The primary objective of ICDO is to ensure safety and protection to the huge population when they are faced with either natural or man-made calamities. It is also their duty to provide a safe and secured environment in time of disaster or danger.

Objective of ICDO- ICDO or “The International Civil Defence Organisation” has two main objectives:-

  • Aid to the development by states of structure, and to ensure protection and assistance to the citizens of a nation
  • To look after the environment from natural or man-made calamities or disasters

 World Civil Defence Day 2021 Significance

The world stands together to celebrate World Civil Defence Day to boost and support the continuous efforts to protect the citizens of a nation from military attacks as well as unwanted disasters.  According to a theory in economics called the Human capital theory a country’s population is of much value than it’s land, factories and all other resources. The rebuilding of a country after any sort of destruction is possible only by its own people. Hence it is an important aspect to ensure economic security to the people of any country.

 World Civil Defence Day 2021 Quotes

World Civil Defence Day 2021 Wishes
World Civil Defence Day 2021 Wishes

Any important day has the need of some cool and interesting quotes. So, do not fail to check out these amazing quotes on World Civil Defence Day.

  • On this auspicious occasion of World Civil Defence Day, let us all join our hands together to protect ourselves
  • Let us all together thank the National Service for their immense efforts that they have put into the protection of the nation’s citizens
  • Finding the solution to get ourselves out of the devastating situation is all that World Civil Defence Day stands for
  • Plan ahead, and stay aware of all the possible dangers. Wishing everyone an aware Civil Defence Day
  • On this occasion of World Civil Defence Day, work for increasing your knowledge of self-protection and preparedness
  • Be it a disease, or a disaster, everyone has the right to be aware of it
  • Be clever, be safe, and most importantly, BE AWARE
  • Prepare through education rather than learning from a tragedy

World Civil Defence Day 2021 Wishes and Greetings

Do not forget to wish everyone this World Civil Defence Day 2021 to generate awareness and forward the message of safety and security to all. You must surely take a look at the wishes listed below to have a clear idea of how to wish every person an aware World Civil Defence Day.

  • Natural calamities have costed many lives, mainly of those who weren’t prepared for it. Therefore be aware and let others also be aware of this World Civil Defence Day 2021.

    World Civil Defence Day 2021 Quotes
    World Civil Defence Day 2021 Quotes

  • Be careful and our your hands together in saving lives, just by being aware of our own parts
  • Celebrate this World Civil Defence Day with everyone by taking an initiative to inform the world about the ways to protect not only their lives but of their loved ones too

After the damage or destruction, the recovery phase is the longest known phase. It consists of rebuilding the damaged infrastructures, buildings, factories and so on. Not only the longest, but this phase also comes with a huge amount of expenses.

As we all know that “ Prevention is better than cure”, thus preparation of the recovery before the disaster can be of a lot of help. The preparation includes:-

  • To ensure that a good amount of information sharing is there between the authorities
  • To take part in informing the public to generate awareness among the commoners
  • To initiate and implement training programs for proper co ordination when in need
  • To keep oneself updated on the medical resources available and also the national civil protection capabilities

We wish you all a Happy World civil Defence day 2021. We hope that you enjoyed reading World Civil Defence Day 2021 Theme, Date, History, Quotes, Wishes & Greetings.

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