World Ocean Day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Celebrations, Images with Quotes

World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day 2021: This is one of the days which is celebrated all over the world and it is celebrated for a special reason. On this day, you have to spread the importance of oceans on the earth and the solutions by which we can save oceans. World ocean day is known for its awareness about the oceans and how to protect them. Through this time of the year, various diseases are spreading all over the world but you have to make sure that the health of oceans stays good with your health.

Every year this day is celebrated with various themes by which everyone spread awareness about how we are affecting the health of oceans on earth. You have to ink that most of the area on earth is occupied by the ocean or water which also means that the oxygen level is more in the ocean. When the water gets polluted the oxygen level will get decreased and the living beings in the ocean will be dead due to a lack of oxygen.

World Ocean Day 2021
World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day 2021 Date

Every year the world ocean day is celebrated on 8 June. The main reason behind the celebration is to aware everyone of the importance of oceans in your life. You should get participate in this global celebration and make your stand on this day. You have to make a contribution to this day about the importance of oceans. This is one of your responsibility of being human. You should tell everyone that their human actions can make the oceans polluted. In the end, if everyone knows that the impacts of their actions then they will try to take care of it.

Oceans are one of the life sources of humans and other living organisms on earth. Because 50% of oxygen is formed with the help of the ocean on the earth. You should also know that around a few million industries are based on the ocean. Many people are based on this industry financially. Oceans are also the source of the maximum protein beaches of its underwater ecosystem. Through these years because of human actions, 90% of the fish population and 50% of the coral reefs population is decreased which is not good for the earth’s balance. To find the new balance of nature you have to protect the oceans at any cost.

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

For many years, this day is celebrated with the same excitement but the different themes for the day. Everyone takes a part in this movement and aware of their friends and family of the human impacts on the oceans. These themes will give you an idea about how to spread the importance of oceans differently every time. The theme of this year’s ocean day is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods”. When the idea of ocean day is launched at the conference, they set the goal of 14 sustainable development. Through the years they are trying to get this goal completed.

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme
World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

The purpose of this day is to contribute to this movement every year with your friends and family. Think of the solutions with the help of we can save the biggest source of food and water. You should also know that this is the major part where oxygen is formed and it is also the major source of medicine in the world. You should also create the biggest movement which will support you in preserving the oceans.

History of World ocean day 2021

World ocean day is a worldwide movement Which is celebrated on the 8 June every year. This is an international day and this concept is proposed by the International Centre for Ocean Development and the ocean Institute of Canada at the UN Conference. This UN conference was about the environment and development which is held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This conference is also called the Earth Summit. This day is celebrated for the first time in the year 2008 by the United Nations. The main focus of this movement is to compete for the goal of 14 sustainable development.

How to celebrate World Ocean Day?

There are various ways by which you can celebrate the ocean day differently and smoke your contribution to the movement to preserve the oceans.

  • Firstly you can decrease the use of electric energy as little as possible. You can take the stairs or turn off your computer, light, etc., for the day.
  • You should also choose the great choices in the seafood. Try to avoid buying the overexploited species of fish.
  • Try to use fewer plastic products because they will end in the ocean which will lead to decreasing the living species in the ocean.
  • Spend the day cleaning the beaches and make sure that you are protecting the ocean.

5 Interesting Facts about World Ocean Day

Following are some interesting facts about the ocean which you should know if you are planning to celebrate world ocean day.

  • Around 70% of the earth, the surface is occupied by the oceans, and the largest ocean is the pacific ocean.
  • You should also know that the oceans contain about 50% of living forms or species.
  • Most of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans. This is also the major source of food for many species.
  • No one ever goes into the depth of the ocean to study marine life because of the water pressure.
  • From history, you can tell that about 20 million tons of gold are present in the oceans at this time.

World Ocean Day 2021 Images

Following are some images that will give you brief ideas about the worldwide movement and the theme of this year.

World Ocean Day 2021 Images
World Ocean Day 2021 Images

World Ocean Day 2021 Quotes

Following are some interesting quotes that you can use when you are celebrating world ocean day.

World Ocean Day 2021
World Ocean Day 2021

Ocean and we are connected with the special bond. When we go there to watch the ocean, we are going to the place from where we came in the first place.

If the ocean is not there anymore, then we will not able to see plants also.

The ocean is one of the great creations of God, you can enjoy this for your lifetime.

The ocean is the best miracle that happens to us.

When is World Ocean Day 2021?

World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of June with different themes. The theme of ocean day 2021 is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihood”.

What is World Ocean Day?

World ocean day is the international day and the worldwide movement which is celebrated to complete the goals of sustainable development. On this day you have to aware people of the human impacts on the oceans and it is affecting the living organism in the oceans. Contribution to this movement is the must thing which you have to do to save the oceans.

Why celebrate World ocean day?

World Ocean Day is celebrated for the first time by the United Nations in 2008. On this day, you have to spread awareness about the importance of oceans in your life. You can also suggest the solutions that help in protecting the oceans from human actions. It will help in creating the balance of nature.

Water is the lifeline & Oceans are the source of it, so it’s a no brainer if we need water, we need to save our oceans. Let us know how you have celebrated Ocean day 2021. Also, we hope that you enjoyed reading about history & fact of ocean day. Share & Download our collection of World Ocean day 2021 quotes Images with your friends. Let’s together save our oceans so that future is secure.

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