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Basava Jayanthi 2021 WhatsApp Status

Happy Basava Jayanthi 2021: Basava Jayanthi is a Hindu festival in remembrance of 12th century poet Basavanna. He was a philosopher, social reformer & leader of people. Celebrations throughout South-India in Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra.

“Everyone is equal despite the caste, the colour and the economic status.” – Lord Basanavva.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi inaugurated a statue of Basavanna. It is along the banks of Thames in London in November 2015.

If you want to read more about the history of Lord Basavanna then you are at the right place. This article will give you an idea about the significance of this day and how the day is usually celebrated. From here you can also download free images to share as your Whatsapp status, or Facebook story. So, keep reading till the end.

Shiva Basava Jayanthi 2021

Born on 3rd day of Vaisakha month, Lord Basavanna was the son of Madaras and Madalambe. He was the founding saint of Lingayat Sector. As per beliefs, his birthday is to be the start of a new era called ‘Basavanna era’.

Basanavva, in his way, fought the bad practices of the society and tried to reform it. Between the two primary Bhakti movements in Karnataka, he continued the former one. Not only this, he also helped to develop the sharana community. Basavanna was the follower of Lord Shiva.

We celebrate Shiva Basava Jayanthi on the birth anniversary of this great philosopher. The celebrations are wide but due to COVID 19 we do not know about celebrations in 2021.

Basava Jayanthi Date 2021

Basava Jayanthi marks the birthday of Lord Basavanna. According to the Hindu calendar, Lord Basavanna was born on the 3rd day of Vaisakha. The day usually coincides with a date in the month April or May in the Gregorian calendar. For 2021, Basava Jayanti falls on 14th May.

Basava Jayanthi History

The Kannada poet, philosopher, and Hindu saint Lord Basavanna was born in 12th century. According to some historians, he was the founder of Lingayat section.

While growing up, Lord Basavanna started to spread wakeful social messages. He was a strong believer of a casteless society. He thought that equal opportunities should be given to everyone. Opportunities should be regardless of their caste and gender. Later in life, he became the chief minister of Bijjal kingdom. He established “Anubhava Mantapa” (hall of spiritual experience). It was the first parliament concept of world. All classes of people used to gather there to discuss spirituality.

Basavanna was the follower of Lord Shiva. He used to wear a necklace with a Linga (an object symbolizing Shiva). Many believe that from there the Lingayats got their name. Many of Basavanna’s works are a part of Kannadian literature. To honour his works and social reforms, a commemorative coin has also been minted.

Celebrations of Basava jayanthi in Karnataka

Traditionally Basava Jayanthi was celebrated by the Lingayat community. Later the Government of Karnataka declared the day as a state holiday. People in Karnataka celebrate it in a grand manner by exchanging sweets, or by visiting temples together. They also hold lectures to remember the teachings of the philosopher. Kudala Sangama, a pilgrimage centre for Lingayat community, celebrates Basava Jayanti for 7 days. Many spiritual and cultural programmes are conducted during this span of seven days. For the grand celebration, many people prefer to visit Kudala Sangama during this time. For 2021, due to the COVID 19 outbreak, we do not know if such grand celebrations will take place or not.

Not only in Karnataka, celebrations are also seen throughout South India. People celeberate it in Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Basava Jayanthi Status for WhatsApp

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Basava jayanthi is by putting up a simple status as your Whatsapp story. You can download these pictures and share them through all social media platform.

Basava Jayanthi Images 2021
Basava Jayanthi Images 2021
Basava Jayanthi 2021 Images
Basava Jayanthi 2021 Images

Basava Jayanthi Images & Photos free Download

Remembering the teachings of Biswaguru Basavanna is one of the musts of the day. You can download the HD pictures for free about Basava Jayanthi and share them with others.


Basava Jayanthi Images 2021
Basava Jayanthi Images 2021
Basava Jayanthi 2021 Images
Basava Jayanthi 2021 Images

Happy Basava Jayanthi 2021 Wishes for friends & family

With the pandemic still raging on, people are advised to stay home. But this should not stop you from wishing your loved ones. Here are some wishes which you can share with your friends and family.

  • May Lord Basavanna’s wisdom fill your hears with knowledge and compassion. Happy Basava Jayanthi
  • “Earn wealth through honest and truthful work.” Wishing everyone happy Basava Jayanthi.

People Also Ask

How is Basava Jayanti celebrated?

Basava Jayanti is celebrated very widely through all cities and villages of Karnataka. People often go to Basanavva temples to submit their prayers. They also exchange sweets. Lingayat community hold lectures and events to remember the teachings and wisdom of Lord Basavanna.

Why is Basava Jayanti celebrated?

Basava Jayanti is observed on the birth anniversary of Lingayat Section founder Lord Basavanna. This holiday is celebrated to commemorate wisdom of Basavanna and to spread his teachings. The day also holds a special significance to farmers.

Is Basava Jayanti a government holiday?

Basava Jayanti observed as a state holiday in Karnataka, Maharastra, Telengana and Andhra Pradesh.

Who celebrates Basava Jayanti?

Basava Jayanti was traditionally celebrated by Lingayat community in Karnataka. Now, celebrations are seen throughout South India. People from cities and villages come forward to pray and spread the wisdom of Lord Basavanna on this day.

Conclusion for Basava Jayanthi 2021

To this day Basavanna’s teachings and beliefs apply to our society as we still live in a society bound by caste. In our society people don’t get equal opportunities. We hope that the teachings of Basavanna help us to make our society a better place. Due to the pandemic, it is advised to everyone to maintain the safety precautions during the celebrations, or if possible to stay at home.

We hope that you liked this article about Basava Jayanti 2021. Feel free to download photos, wishes, and status of Basava Jayanthi 2021 to share with your friends and family. We wish happy Basava Jayanthi 2021 to your family & friends.

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