Parshuram Jayanti 2021 Date, Story, Facts, Status, Images & Wishes

Shiva Incarnation Parasuram Images 2021

Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2021 Status, Images & Wishes : Lord Parshuram is considered as the sixth one among the ten incarnations of God Vishnu in Hinduism. Lord Parshuram is also known as Rama Jamadagnya, Rama Bhargava and Veerarama. He is believed to be immortal and will appear at the end of Kalyug as the Guru of Lord Vishnu’s tenth incarnation that is, Kalki. Lord Parshuram’s parents were Sage Jamadagni and Renuka and is believed to be born on the top of Janapav hills located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. An incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, Dharani, was the one whom he got married.

Lord Parshuram was anticipated to appear on Earth when enormous wrongful deeds and sinful activities prevailed on the planet. It was the Kshatriya class who exploited their power with weapons foe owning others belonging by force. It was Lord Parshuram who corrected the heavenly stability by dismantling the Kshatriya soldiers twenty-one times.

Parshuram Jayanti 2021

Lord Parshuram was born in Bhargava dynasty in Tretayuga. Parshuram Jayanti is observed as his birth anniversary which falls on the third day of Shukla Paksha according to the Hindu month of Vaishakha. This auspicious day is known as Akshaya Tritiya. Having birthed on this very day, Lord Parshuram had powers which could be renewed.

Parshuram Jayanti is observed with boundless love and affection across the country and large amount of people engage in heavy charity work on this day. The results of making charity on this very day never dims or dwindles.

Parshuram Jayanti date 2021

Parshuram Jayanti falls on 14th of May, 2021 and the Tritiya Tithi begins at 05:38 AM on 14th of May, 2021 and ends at 07:59 AM on 15th of May, 2021. The festival is celebrated very magnificently and ceremoniously. People are on fast on this day and along with fasting, procession and satsang of Sarva Brahmin are organized. It is believed that the effects of morality and goodness committed on this day never discontinue or take a halt.

Story of Lord Parshuram

According to the Hari Vansh Purana, a King named Kartaveerya Arjun used to rule the Mahishmati Nagri situated in central India. The King quenched with other Kshatriya soldiers in fatal and ravaging acts that harmed the life of the commoners. Seeing all this, the Goddess Earth summoned Lord Vishnu to take care of the living beings from all the ruthlessness of the Kshatriyas. Abiding by the words of Goddess Earth, Lord Vishnu reincarnated himself as the son of Sage Jamadagni and Renuka and was named Rama by his parents. Rama, came to be a warrior defeated the King and other Kshatriyas in order to the Earth from all the harshness that they created and hence, peace was restored.

The mythology says that Lord Shiva granted an axe to Rama and hence he is known as Parshuram, Parshu meaning axe. Lord Parshuram was a whole hearted devotee of Lord Shiva.

Parshuram Jayanti significance

It is deeply believed by the Hindus that Lord Parshuram is still alive and he still abides on the Earth. Lord Parshuram is not worshipped unlike other Gods like Krishna, Rama etc. It is very beneficial to be on fast on this day and make charity of foods, clothing, money and other helpful items to the needy and the poor. The birthday of Lord Parshuram is observed in all parts of India with great zeal and zest. Southern Karnataka located place Udupi is referred to as Parshuram Kshtera as a place near Udupi called Pajaka (16 kms from Udupi) was chosen by Parshuram for his meditation. There are ample number of temples dedicated to Lord Parshuram situated at the western coast of India. Some of them are-

  1. Velorevattam Mahadeva Temple, Cherthalai (Velorevattam), Alleppey, Kerala.
  2. Sree Mahadevar Temple Chittukkulam (Thrichattukulam), Alappuzha
  3. Pattinikkad (Pattanakkad) Alappuzha, Kerala
  4. Chengannur Mahadeva temple Alappuzha, Kerala
  5. Kandiyoor Alappuzha, Kerala

5 Facts about Parshuram Jayanti

Parshuram is also known as the God of Justice. He is also very well-known for his anger. Though born in a Brahmin family, he had both Brahmin and Kshatriya qualities into him. By Kshatriya quality we mean, that of a warrior; he was a great soldier. There are some special beliefs and facts related to Lord Parshuram. They are-

  • It is said that Lord Parshuram had devoured the earth 21 times without being a Kshatriya.
  • According to mythology, Lord Parshuram killed his mother to obey his father’s orders. Then he was revived by seeking a boon from his father.
  • It is said that once Parshuram reached Mount Kailash to see Lord Shiva, but Lord Ganesh refused to let him in the house. Parshuram was enraged at this and broke a tooth of Lord Ganesha with his axe. That is why Lord Ganesha is also called Ekadant.
  • It is believed that even today there are 8 Chiranjeev gods and great men who are alive. In which the name of Lord Parshuram is also included.
  • Parshuram is considered to be the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva. Once Lord Shiva gave Parshuram an axe to fight the Kshatriyas and hence he got this name Parshuram. “Parshu” meaning an “axe”.

Parshuram Jayanti Status for Whatsapp & FB

May14th, 2021 will be observed as Parshuram Jayanti in India. Here are some best Parshuram Jayanti Images for your Whatsapp status and Facebook status which can be shared it with your loved ones too. These inspiring images with quotes for status are to wish everyone and motivate everyone for a better life.

Parshuram Jayanti Status Images for Whatsapp FB
Parshuram Jayanti Status Images for Whatsapp FB
Parshuram Jayanti fb Status Whatsapp status
Parshuram Jayanti fb Status Whatsapp status
Parshuram Jayanti Whatsapp status 2021
Parshuram Jayanti Whatsapp status 2021
Parshuram Jayanti Status 2021
Parshuram Jayanti Status 2021

Parshuram Jayanti Images 2021

On this special day of Parshuram Jayanti, make this images a worthy share with your dear ones to inspire them for a happier and better life. These images are drafted specially for sharing it via social media like the FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. These impactful images convey strong messages to the society. So, here you go.

Lord Parshuram Images 2021
Lord Parshuram Images 2021
Shiva Incarnation Parasuram Images 2021
Shiva Incarnation Parasuram Images 2021
Images of lord Parshuram Jayanti
Images of lord Parshuram Jayanti
Parshuram Jayanti Images 2021
Parshuram Jayanti Images 2021

Happy Parshuram Jayanti Wishes 2021

The prevailing pandemic won’t let people visit the temples this year. However, celebrations can be continued at home for the auspicious Parshuram Jayanti by observing fasts, reciting hymns and devotional songs. Along with this, the festive occasion of Parshuram Jayanti can be celebrated by sending Wishes and Greetings to your friends and family members that promises to fill every heart with new hopes and new energy.

  • “May Lord Parshuram is always there to guide you in tough times and impart you with strength in challenging times. Best wishes on Parshuram Jayanti to you.”
  • “Parshuram teaches us that Shastra and Shaastra, both are important in life and those who have the knowledge of both will always survive…. Happy Parshuram Jayanti.”
  • “I wish Lord Parshuram bless you with all the strength to dream and achieve your dreams without making compromises…. Happy Parshuram Jayanti.”
  • “All those who have strong determination and focus in life can never be defeated…. Wishing you a very Happy Parshuram Jayanti.”
  • “In every era we will have Lord Parshuram appear on Earth to guide us, to motivate us and then it is up to us how well we follow them…. Happy Parshuram Jayanti.”

People Also Ask:

  • How many years did Parshuram live?

There are several stories behind Parshuram’s age. Some of them are like Lord Parshuram lived for 5000 years and the others are like Parshuram is still alive.

  • Who defeated Parshuram?

Bhishma Pitamaha defeated Lord Parshuram.

  • How did Parshuram die?

As earlier mentioned in the article, it is said that Lord Parshuram is immortal and is still alive.

  • Is Parshuram still alive?

Parshuram is said to be still alive and will guide the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kalki.



This great warrior Lord Parshuram was filled up with a river of knowledge. This great human being was also glutted with immense energy. He lived for the well-being of the mankind and was always equipped and prepared to help the ones in need. He always took the just decision. His birth day is very important in its own way. The ancient religious texts describe Parshuram’s character as flawless and unblemished. Vishnu in the garb of Parshuram had come to set the warrior class right and teach them how to behave as kings and warriors. We wish everyone of you Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2021.

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