Ramadan 2021: Date, Significance, Rituals, food & Wishes

Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Wishes

Ramadan is also known as Ramzaan, Ramazan, Ramzan or Ramadhan is a popular festival celebrated by Muslim community. Let’s take a look at Ramadan 2021 Date, Significance, Rituals, food & Wishes together.

Ramadan 2021

India is known for its Festivals, Rituals, and celebration. It is a place where all kind of festivals are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Among those festivals, we have Ramadan the holy month of Islam where millions of people observe fasting and prayers.

Happy Ramadan 2021
Happy Ramadan 2021

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is one of the auspicious times for the people of Muslim Community, people from all around the world observe fasting and sacrifices. The word Ramadan comes from the Arabic word “Ramida or Ar -Ramad which means sun-baked ground and parched thirst. As per the Islamic calendar Ramadan falls on the ninth month every year. Every year Ramadan starts 10-12 days earlier, covering every season because Islamic calendar year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar year.

Ramadan is the month of self-control and people fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan. It is believed that the first verse of the Quran was sent on the night of Laylatul Qadr (the night of power) which falls during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2021 Date & Time

Ramadan 2021 in India will begin in the evening of Monday, 12 April 2021 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, 12 May, 2021. Also, we would like to mention that Ramadan 2021 Date & Time may change, so we will update you accordingly.

Significance of Ramadan

Ramadan is the time of complete devotion and the month of self-control. Ramadan purifies the soul and body and brings the faithful closer to God. During this month, people drench from worldly pleasure and focus on inner peace. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is believed that fasting from dawn to dusk cleanses the body, mind and people tend to understand the real suffering of poor.

Happy Ramadan 2021 Wishes
Happy Ramadan 2021 Wishes

It is also believed that God forgive the past sins of all the people who observe fasting, recite salat, give Zakat during the pious month of Ramadan. Zakat -Al-Fitr is the charity given during the holy month of Ramadan. Muslim prefers giving Zakat during Ramadan as a reward of practicing good deed.

What are the Holy practices during Ramadan?

Ramadan is not only about fasting but it is about devotion and sacrifices. Devotees perform certain practices during the month of Ramadan to attain inner peace.

  • During Ramadan the devoted Muslim perform fasting, recite prayer and offer sacrifices. They try to follow the path of prophet and keep themselves away from worldly pleasure.
  • The purpose of doing holy practice is to get divine blessing and mercy by doing good deeds in the path of God.
  • Devotees offer salat five times a day and refrain themselves from making any foul speech or behaviour.
  • Devotees surrender themselves in front of Allah and cut off excessive eating, drinking and any kind of quarrel.
  • During this month people are asked to recite Quran because it purifies one soul and body.
  • During the last ten days of Ramadan which is known as the night of Laylatul Qadr, devotees stay up whole night and pray to God along with their families.
  • Sometimes the Muslim Men, stay in Mosque for the night of Qadr and devote their time in worshiping God.

Why do Muslim Celebrate Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is very important for all Muslims because it mark the first revelation of the holy book Quran. During the entire month people observe fasting, offer sacrifice and worship to attain the blessing of Allah. The fasting is from dawn to dusk. During the fasting people abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in any sexual activity.

ramadan kareem 2021
ramadan kareem 2021

People believe that reciting Quran during the holy month of Ramadan will purify their inner soul and the curtain between devotees and the God will be removed.

What are the five pillars of Islam?

Islam is the religion of faith and the religious practice of Islam which is based on tenets which are known as five pillars and members of the Islamic community around the world follow the five pillars of Islam. Below is the list of five pillars:

  • The Shahada (Profession of Faith) – The most fundamental of Islamic belief is the Shahada the profession of Faith. Followers of Islam believe that “There is no Gog but God and Mohammed is his prophet.” This is a very common belief which is written in Arabic in Quran.
  • Salat (Daily Prayer) – It is the duty of the Muslim to recite a prayer five times a day. Muslim men often go to the Mosque for Salat but they are not obliged to recite it in a Mosque, they can pray at home as well. They praying five times a day facing Mecca and bowing to God is the symbol of submission to Allah. On Friday people go to Mosque for praying and listen to the Khutba (sermon).
  • Zakat (Giving of Alms) – As per the Islamic law, during the month of Ramadan the members of the Muslim community share some amount of their income with the poor people.
  • Sawm (Fasting during Ramadan) – Fasting plays a very important role during the holy month of Ramadan. As per the Islamic calendar it falls on the ninth month, during which members of Muslim community are expected to fast from dawn to dusk. It is the religious duty of the people to help those who are less fortunate and Ramadan is the month during which people fast and share the hunger and thrust.
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) – Every Muslim who is wealthy and financially established should make a pilgrimage to Mecca. From the time of Mohammed people all around the world visit Mecca during the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar and pray around the Ka’ba (a cubical structure covered in black embroidered hangings.

Special Delicacies prepared During Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan special food items are prepared for the people and the meals are served before sunrise and sunset. The meals offered before the fast is called Suhur and the meal offered after sunset to break the fast is called Iftar. Below is the list of some special delicacies prepared during Ramadan:

  • Haleem– Haleem which is made of meat and spices is one of the special dishes during this month.
  • Falafel: It is one of the favourite snacks of the people. It is a deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas.
  • Sheer Khurma: Sheer Khurma which is made of milk and dates is one of the most important desserts.
  • Faalsa Sherbet: Prepared with mint leaves, lemon and sweet Rooh Afzah syrup is the most preferred refreshment drink during Ramadan.
  • Shahi Tukda: Shahi Tukda is one of the best Iftar deserts. It is made with milk, bread, dry fruits and cherry.

Ramadan 2021 Wishes

Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Wishes
Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Wishes

Ramadan is the month of sacrifices; it brings people closer to God so people especially during this month devote their time in following the path of God. We wish you a very Ramadan Mubarak 2021 from Happy Wishes team. May Allah bless all of us.


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