20+ Best Quotes by Confucius about success, life & Love

Quotes by Confucius

The first teacher in China, Kong Qiu or K’ung Fu-tzu, commonly known as Confucius, wanted to create education broadly available to everyone. Besides being a teacher, he was also an editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. He was born in the 22nd year of the reign of Duke Xiang of Lu (551 BCE). 

Confucius Life story

His parents were Shuliang He and Yan Zhengzai who belong to the class between the aristocracy and the common people and at the age of 19, he got married to his wife, Qiguan Shi. When he was three years old, his father expired. His mother raised him all alone. The most important virtue according to Confucius was Ren, which is the highest virtue or ideal in Confucianism. 

Best Quotes by Confucius
Best Quotes by Confucius

Confucius penned various books, later was recognized for writing and editing some of the most popular legendary Chinese masterpieces. His philosophy of education focused mainly on calligraphy, computation, music, chariot-driving, and ritual. And his political beliefs were based on the concept of self-discipline. His main principle of life was “ren” or “loving others” besides exercising self-discipline.

 All this brought huge changes in Chinese history and also did many contributions to the world’s teaching societies. Various quotes were written by him on various topics such as education, love, life, success, etc.  A year after losing his son, Tzu-lu, in battle, Confucius died on November 21, 479 B.C. in Qufu.

Best Quotes by Confucius about success

Best short Quotes by Confucius about success
Best Quotes by Confucius about success

According to Confucius, success is not only about reaching a goal in a particular way. But when we realize that goals cannot be reached, then we should change or adjust the action steps of reaching the goal, rather than changing or adjusting the goal. Life is totally up to one’s perception, one’s thoughts that make it. It is not like never failing, but it is about how we rise every time after falling.

 We have to always keep the fire of desire to succeed lit inside us so that our potential becomes the key to unlock the door to personal excellence. Also, the mistakes we are committing, we have to analyse the mistake like where we went wrong and it can be eliminated so that we can prevent ourselves to commit it further from doing that again.

  • “Without knowing the proper way of how to make use of the skills that are learned from others is something that makes a person confused about what to do with it. If, on the other hand, one thinks, however, does not learn from others, one will be at risk.”– Confucius
  • “Staring at small resources obstructs great things from being succeeded.”– Confucius
  • “The extreme kind of a person never change like- most stupid and the wisest.”– Confucius

Best Quotes by Confucius about life

Best Quotes by Confucius about life
Best Quotes by Confucius about life

Confucius says that life is very simple, it is us who make things complicated and complicate life too. Our actions and reactions reflect our views on life, and we shall not be ashamed of accepting our mistakes, also by forgiving others we let them improve themselves. Meditation is one way to explore ourselves and to know about life better, it creates good thoughts and positive energy around us. Another golden rule of his life was that if you don’t do what you don’t want, then don’t force others to do things that they don’t like.

  • “The man who now moves away huge mountains, once started with moving a small piece of stone.”– Confucius
  • “The complete system of things works on the principle of- hating someone is easier as compared to loving them. All good things are challenging to accomplish, and bad things are very easy to get.”– Confucius
  • “Rather than blaming others for something one can bring a small change to minimize the error”– Confucius

Best Quotes by Confucius about love

Best Short Quotes by Confucius
Best Short Quotes by Confucius

Confucius believed loving means a thing that keeps us alive. Do whatever you love and love whatever you do, wherever you go, go with all your heart. Forgive people and let them forgive themselves. 

  • “Surely, you are gently shouldered off the stage, when you are in your second childhood that is in old age which is wonderful, but then you are given such a satisfactory front stall as an observer.” – Confucius
  • “If you love what you do, you will never be bored of it” – Confucius
  • “Think of the outcomes before getting angry.” – Confucius

Best Quotes by Confucius about friendship

Quotes by Confucius
Quotes by Confucius

According to him, friendship with the upright, with the truthful, and with the well informed is beneficial. Friendship with those who enhance, with those who are humble and negotiate with those who are meek and who compromise with the laws and with those who talk cleverly is dangerous.

 Also, the most important thing is that to be faithful to your superiors. Keeping all the promises and refuse the friendship of all who are not like you. And when you make some kind of mistake than never be afraid to admit it and apologize for the same. Friendship is a relation that can happen only with anyone but the person who is equal to you is the best kind of it.

  • “We take away the power of others when we forgive them for their mistakes towards us.”– Confucius
  • “A friend is someone who thinks you are very good and motivates you in your hard times, even when you are not good enough.”– Confucius
  • “Not believing your friends and not trusting them is worse than being fooled by them.”– Confucius

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