Engineer’s Day 2021 India: Date, Theme, History, Celebrations, Wishes

Happy Engineer's day wishes

Engineer’s Day 2021 India: Engineers have their names in every field. They have a hand in the progress of the world, no matter what field it is. With the increase of technical knowledge, the development of any country takes place. The efforts are bringing a change in the attitude of society. The world’s growth is happening faster in this decade than in the last decade, crediting the engineers.

Engineer’s day 2021 India

In India, the day is celebrated annually for the dedication of Sir M viwesvaraya. The legacy of inspiration of shaping the world with skills knows. His contributions to various changes of making the factories, industries, and educational institutes are still reminiscent in India.

Engineer’s Day 2021 Date

The festival of renewing the revolutionaries of the technological world is celebrated on March 4, designated by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. In India, we celebrate this day on September 15, annually, tributing the Indian engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya (Sir MV), an internationally famous engineer, for his brilliance outstanding achievements in harnessing water resources in India.

Engineer’s day 2021 Theme

Engineering for a Healthy Planet: Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report is the theme for World Engineers day 2021. The pieces are influenced by newsletter articles, advertising ads, and social media broadcasts, among other sources. Audience engagement is critical at engineering day activities, as the customer is King is ultimately responsible.

History of Engineer’s Day

The history of the celebration of engineering day dates back to the colonial period when Sir MV completed his education at the College of Engineering, Pune, one of the oldest engineering colleges in Asia.

Diwan of Mysore(1912-1919) changed the maps of the kingdom by building numerous factories, industries, and educational institutes. He was awarded the title of Father of Modern Mysore State for his contributions.

The Civil Engineer’s most well-known works include the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore, implementation of irrigation system in Deccan Plateau, construction of flood protection system for Hyderabad, development of the strategy to protect Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion, and much more.

These and various other initiatives like the foundation of State Bank of Mysore, Mysore Iron and steelworks, Government engineering College, Mysore soap factory, etc., have and still are an inspiration to change the world around history still alive in every engineer.  

Why do we celebrate Engineer’s Day?

It is diversely speculated that our lives have been made much easier by engineers. Simplicity has been added to any complicated procedure due to extraordinary engineers. Any task done involves some level of engineering in it. The future is providing things that will be more interesting and novel.

Engineer's day India Significance
Engineer’s day India Significance

The recognition of these constant efforts should be vitalized in front of the world. Our engineers and their accomplishments on an engineering day are essential to celebrate.

Congratulation messages, programs, and social media are used for promotion, poetry, and letters to wish the Happy Engineer’s day.

Engineers Day India Celebrations & Activities

The day is celebrated in memory of Sir Mokeshagundam Viswevaraya, the most outstanding engineer of all time. The day is celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm. A memorial is held at Sir M. V’s birthplace in Muddenahalli, showcasing his awards and titles. His personal belongings like living room, spectacles, cups, books, etc., are also displayed.

The motive of celebrating this day is to inspire the youth of our country towards an engineering career and appreciate the engineers who have contributed to the upliftment of our country.

The activities done at various institutes to celebrate the day allow them to showcase their skills in creative ways. The day is dedicated to those without whom every machine would not be made. Engineers apply techniques of engineering analysis in testing production.

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Facts

  1. A. Lalitha is India’s first electrical engineer. She was also the first female student at CEG, Chennai.
  2. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu is the first female engineer in the world to receive a degree in Engineering.
  3. Mechanical engineering is known as the father, mother, and KingKingall branches of engineering.
  4. Petroleum engineering is the highest-paying profession in India and all over the globe.
  5. Imhotep was the first and most excellent civil engineer of all time.

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Quotes

Engineer's day India Quotes
Engineer’s day Quotes

Engineering is a field that always needs the motivation to succeed & endure. The inspiring Happy Engineer’s day 2021 quotes used to keep  the fire alive are:

“An engineer is someone who is good with figures but doesn’t have the personality of an accountant.”

“Scientists study the known world as it is, engineers, create the world that never has been.”

“The engineer’s problem in any design situation is to search what the problem is.”

Theodore von Karman

“The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.”

James Kip Finch

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Wishes

Even if you are not an engineer, you must have few friends. Share these happy Engineer’s day 2021 wishes with your Engineer friends & make this 15th September special for them.

Engineer's day India Wishes
Engineer’s day India Wishes
  • The revolutionaries or the technologists of our revolving world are wished uniquely as:
  • Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know; future projects decide what we learn.
  • Engineers are the person who discovers the world by their brain and pen, Happy engineers day.
  • The software is an excellent combination of artistry and engineering.
  • The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and work of art.
Happy Engineer's day wishes
Happy Engineer’s day wishes
  • We build the world(Civil Engineer)
  • We make the magic world(Computer Engineer)
  • We connect the world (Electronics and Communication engineers)
  • We are the powers of the World(Electrical engineers)
  • We move the world(Mechanical engineer)
  • Proud To Be an Engineer

Engineering day is celebrated to commemorate the contributions, skills, knowledge portrayed by engineers to make life easy is marked globally and is celebrated with zest and zeal. The day becomes the inspiration to various growing life-changers of the future to be consistent and change the world from their envisions.

Engineer’s Day 2021 FAQs

⦁ When is Engineers Day celebrated in India?

The day is celebrated on September 15 annually, paying tribute to Sir MV for his achievements in the technological world.

⦁ What birthday is celebrated as Engineer’s Day?

Engineer’s day marks the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya, one of India’s most excellent engineers. 

⦁ Who is the 1st engineer of India?

Sir M. Viswervaraya is the first documented Indian  Civil Engineer. He has completed his education from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune, and harnessed Indian society.

⦁ Who is the father of engineering in India?

Sir Mokshagundam viwesvaraya is regarded as the father of Indian engineering because of his enormous contributions and innovations in engineering and the development of society.

Hindi Diwas 2021: Date, Theme, Significance, Quotes & Wishes

Hindi Diwas wishes Quotes 2022

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 : The Hindi Diwas or the Hindi Day is celebrated on 14th September. This day holds a very significant meaning to India & its people. The Hindi Divas marks the adoption of the Hindi language as the official language of the Government of India. It was declared on 14th September 1949. This day is commemorated as a reminder to the people of India about their rich culture, unity & their roots. The Hindi Diwas is also celebrated to remind people of our history & also our official language.

Stay tuned till the end to know more about Hindi Diwas & the significance of the day in India and also do share on your social media as well.

Hindi Diwas 2021

Hindi is known as India’s National Language & is also one of the most broadly spoken languages in all of India. Hindi is also among the top four most spoken languages in the entire world. In the Republic of India, Hindi is one of the 22 prime languages. Every year on this day, the President of India addresses the people who have an immense amount of contribution towards this language with the Rajsabha Award. This ceremony takes place in the Capital of India, Delhi. Hindi Diwas is celebrated in India as a reminder to the people of India of their unity & roots & also to remind us about the struggles & wars which were fought to make this day a reality.

In the year of 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India declared Hindi as the official language of the newly Independent India. This decision was accepted by the entire assembly & then t went forward to be included in the Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950. The Hindi Diwas was first celebrated in 1953.

Hindi Diwas 2021 Date

The Hindi Diwas is one of the most important dates in the history of India, as this was the day when the official language of India was declared. In 2021, the Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September.

Hindi Diwas wishes 2022
Hindi Diwas Wishes

Hindi Diwas 2021 Theme

On 14th September since 1953, we have commemorated the Hindi Diwas every year. Each year a unique theme is decided to celebrate this day. In 2021, the theme of Hindi Diwas is ” New World, New India, New Hindi, ” which has been decided by Hansraj College & Mahakavi Jaishankar Prasad Foundation.

What is Hindi Diwas?

Hindi Diwas, or the Hindi day, is the day that marked the adoption of the Language Hindi By the Government of India. After that day, Hindi was made the official language of India & is also one of the 22 prime languages of India according to the Constitution. The declaration was on 14th September 1949, but the first Hindi Diwas was actually celebrated in 1953. This day is a reminder to all the Indians about their roots & rich cultural heritage. Hindi Diwas is celebrated across many schools, Colleges & Universities where there are cultural programs & competitions for the students to participate in.

On Hindi Diwas, the President of India addresses the people who have contributed to the language with the Rajsabha Award. This function is naturally held in the capital of India, in Vigyan Bhawan.

Why we celebrate Hindi Diwas?

Language is very significant to every soul. By the use of language, we can express our feeling & thoughts. Without a language, it would have been very different for all the species. There are hundreds of languages in the world & every language is important to the person who speaks it as it gives them the chance to express themselves.

Hindi Diwas wishes Images 2022
Happy Hindi Diwas Wishes Images 2021

On 15th August 1947, India became independent after a 200-year long British rule. After Independence, It was essential for a diverse country like India to have its official language as there are a total of 121 languages spoken in India. So, after the Government of India was formed, the Constituent Assembly declared Hindi as India’s official language by a voting system. This is the reason behind the celebration of the Hindi Diwas. It is to remind us about our freedom fighters, our roots & our diverse culture, and how far we have come since our Independence.

5 Facts about Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September to honor India’s official language. Often we observe that behind such a significant day there is remains a rich history & there is no harm in acquiring some extra knowledge about such a ground-breaking event. Here are five facts about Hindi Diwas:

  1. Hindi is an Indo-European or Indo-Aryan language which was spread across the globe in the 19th century.
  2. In 2021, Hindi ranked as the 4th most spoken native language in the world.
  3. There are also other countries where Hindi is spoken apart from India. Some of them are Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK, USA & many more.
  4. There are several words in English that have been derived from Hindi.
  5. Bihar became the first state in India to adopt Hindi as its official language.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Wishes

Hindi is a language that is spoken largely in India and also other countries as well. The 4th most spoken language in the world right now. We celebrate this day on 14th September every year. There are cultural programs organized by many schools & universities all around India on this day, but due to the pandemic this year, it might not be possible to meet physically, but we can always convey our wishes online. Here are some wishes for Hindi Diwas:

Happy Hindi Diwas wishes 2022
Happy Hindi Diwas Wishes 2021
  • Let’s celebrate this beautiful day of literature & harmony together. Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • On such a special day, let’s celebrate the language & those who teach us Hindi. We are indebted to you. Happy Hindi Day.
  • Hindi is our National language & we take pride in it. Happy Hindi Diwas.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Quotes

Often we fail to realize the power of quotes & the importance they hold. There are quotes that either manage to shake us to the core or leave us dumbfounded. They sometimes manage to stir something inside of you. Here are some quotes you can dedicate to your friends, family, students & teachers:

Hindi Diwas wishes Quotes 2022
Happy Hindi Diwas Quotes 2021

“Hindi remind us about the royalty & the beauty of India.”


“This language is extremely near to our heart & reminds us about the harmony & richness of our culture.”


“Hindi teaches us to be elegant & strong.”


On Hindi Diwas, we remind ourselves of our official language & the sacrifice of those who made it possible. It gives us a unique identity & also teaches about what could be earned if we are united as one. We hope the contents of this article helped you out in knowing this topic. Do share the wishes, quotes, facts & messages on the social media platform. Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 to each & everyone reading this.

World UFO Day 2021 Date, Significance, Celebrations, Gifs, and Quotes

World UFO day 2021

World UFO Day 2021: World UFO day is celebrated internationally by several communities. This is the awareness day for the mysterious flying objects in the sky. On this day people gather together and observe the sky for the mysterious objects. Some of the communities celebrate this day on 24 June because on this day aviator Kenneth Arnold was reported in the United States. This is one of the great and first widely objects that have ever been visible in the sky of the United States. When it comes to the 2nd July it represents the UFO crash in 1947 which is also known as the Roswell incident.

The goal of celebrating UFO day is to aware people of mysterious flying objects in the sky and encourage state governments to open the file about the UFO sighting in the sky. This day is celebrated with the same excitement annually without any interruptions. People get together and watch the skies for hours. They also enjoy the time with their family and friends by doing parties.

World UFO Day 2021 Date

As we know that there are two dates for World UFO day which are June 24 and July 2. Most of the communities celebrate this day on the 2nd of July and it has been observed internationally. The 2nd of July represents the UFO crash in the United States for the first time which is also known as the Roswell incident. Therefore, on this day people observe the sky for hours to find mysterious flying objects.

When it comes to the 24 June then this day is celebrated for the Aviator Kenneth Arnold. For the first time in the united states, this flying object was reported and it was a great attraction for people. This was the first time when the citizens of the united states saw this kind of flying object in the sky. You should also know that what does UFO means? The UFO is the extraterrestrial spacecraft that does not belong to this planet or human beings. There are various claims states over the years of sighting UFOs in the sky.

World UFO Day Significance 

World UFO Day is celebrated to educate people about the existence of extraterrestrials spacecraft’s and humans are not the only ones who are alone in the universe. On this day, people gather together and try to share information about the spacecraft and the mysterious flying objects. They also try to encourage police departments to open the closed files about the spacecraft and try to convince them it is real. In the year 2001, the World UFO Day organization decided to celebrate this day Internationally, and on this day they collect various theories and evidence to prove the mysterious objects in the sky are true.

The goal of this World UFO Day Organization is to make people believe that the evidence of the UFOs is true and educate them about the theories of extraterrestrial spacecraft. This day will make them think that we are not the only living things present in this universe. As we know that, on 24th June aviator Kenneth Arnold reported the UFO in the US which is in the design of flat disk or saucer-like design plate. This type of design had been used through the centuries. On 2 and July, the UFO is crashed which is also called the Roswell incident but the details of this were covered by the US Army.

How to Celebrate World UFO Day?

The celebration of World UFO day is not a very complex thing. The people interested in science and creations can take part in this celebration and come together in one place so that they can look up at the sky and see if any unusual objects are moving in the sky.

World UFO day 2021
World UFO day 2021

If any odd or irregular object is found in the sky, then that is identified and traked by you. The gathering is because more and more people can observe the sky and at least some of them trace the UFOs at the appropriate time. UFO traces is not a difficult thing when you have the perfect time when it is going to arrive and that is why when everyone comes together, it becomes very fun to watch the sky and see whether you can see any UFO and click a photograph of it for the others to see as well.

5 Interesting Facts about World UFO Day

Following are the 5 interesting facts about World UFO Day that very rare people know but are the ones that are important to be known by everyone for sure-

  1. The main purpose of celebrating World UFO Day is to recognize the importance of unidentified objects that are roaming around in the sky. These unidentified objects should be shown some genuine appreciation and attention and that is why the importance of this day is the most just like a lot of other ones in the whole year.
  2. Some people also recognize World UFO Day on 24th June and that is why there arise some issues or clashes between the 2 types of people who celebrate this day on 24th June and the ones who celebrate it on 2nd
  3. The first person who reported about the existence and visibility of UFOs on earth was Kenneth Arnold. This was done on an unknown day however, because of the occurrence of some other event, 2nd July was marked as World UFO Day.
  4. On 2nd July 1947, a Roswell UFO crash was experienced and that is why this day is well remembered. Soon the occurrence of another historical UFO event took place on this day and then it was marked as World UFO Day.
  5. The UFOs are also called “the flying discs” or “the saucers” because they are seen roaming around in the sky and not in a settled or rested position anywhere.

World UFO Day 2021 Gifs

There exist many gifs on World UFO day that rotate all over the Internet on this day. One of them shows a model of the earth rotating around itself and an image of a UFO coming on the upper side of this rotating earth. After that, a flash of Happy UFO Day comes on the gif.

World UFO day 2021 gifs
World UFO day 2021 gifs

Another such UFO Day gif shows a UFO hanging in the image and a quote written beside it. The quote says “let’s enjoy the World UFO day and have a pizza while watching it appear in the sky”.

World UFO day 2021 gifs free
World UFO day 2021 gifs free


World UFO Day 2021 Quotes

World UFO day 2021 quotes
World UFO day 2021 quotes

There exist many World UFO Day 2021 quotes all over the Internet that resembles a lot with the significance of this day every year. On this day, something special and yet different happens and this uncommon this is noticed by the whole world very minutely. Some of the interesting quotes that are introduced or circulated in the world on this day can be listed as follows-

  • “UFO is out of the world”.
  • “Happy World UFO Day, the only day when people appreciate the unseen the most and search for it in the sky for as much time as possible”.
  • “There exist 2 possibilities in the world, either the world is full of people just like we or we are completely alone in it. And both these possibilities are equally amazing and terrifying and thrilling”.

The above quotes make a feeling of some incredible appearance in the sky in the minds of people and that is why this day is made much more special in the views of the science-lovers. Happy World UFO Day 2021 to all.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Date, Theme, Significance, Posters, Activities & Quotes

World Blood Donor Day 2021

World Blood Donor Day 2021: Blood donation is a very important aspect of balancing human life. When people donate a small quantity of blood from their bodies, they are giving a small part of themselves to save other people’s lives and to keep humanity continued in the world. World Blood Donor Day 2021 will be celebrated on 14th June just like all the other years but small scale.

Blood donation camps will be organized to attract more and more people towards blood donation and save humanity when it is at its peak.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Date

The official date of World blood donor day is 14th June. Every year on this day, blood donation sessions are organized all over the world, and awareness about the same is spread through various social media platforms.

World Blood Donor Day Date
World Blood Donor Day Date

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Theme

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Theme is to inspire more and more towards blood donation. All those who are fit and fine should come forward to donate their precious blood for those who are in the need of it and who can get another life living opportunity if they get their required blood group and that too at the right time in the first place, and that too undoubtedly.

Significance of World Blood Donor Day 2021

The significance of World Blood Donor Day 2021 is to facilitate more and more injured & sick people with their required blood groups and provide them another chance to live their life to the fullest. Blood donation is very significant especially in this pandemic situation where everyone is only searching for one reason to be inspired and sustain to come out of this situation for sure.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Posters

Various blood donation posters are launched on big banners and boards in cities as well as small villages. The center of a city is filled with various posters for giving information about the blood donation camp locations to the people and making them aware of the consequences and benefits of blood donation.

People are also guaranteed that their blood falls into the right hands and will be delivered to as many blood banks in the city as possible.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Posters
World Blood Donor Day 2021 Posters

World Blood Donor Day 2021 Activities

Various camping activities are organized all around the world on 14th June to recognize the humanity in people and to take the excess amount of blood from those to help the ones who are in urgent requirement of the same.

The urge for blood donation is spread through Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms and also through newspapers and news channels. People are requested to visit their nearest blood donation camps and get their blood donations done as early as possible on 14th June.

Best World Blood Donor Day 2021 Quotes

There exist a lot of popular World Blood Donor Day quotes that are spread all over the world to attract more and more people for donating their blood. All those who don’t have any medical condition can get themselves enrolled in the blood donation camps and donate their precious blood to save the lives of numerous innocent people.

World Blood Donor Day 2021
World Blood Donor Day 2021

Some blood donor day quotes state that,

‘Opportunities may knock your door sometimes and blood donation is that time when you can consider them’

‘Blood donor of today can also be the blood recipient of tomorrow’

and many more. All these quotes leave a special and important message about blood donation awareness among people in the first place for sure.

People Also Ask:

  • What is the World Blood Donor Day 2021?

In the year 2020, numerous blood donation camps were organized in India as well as other countries to accept the blood donation of as many people as interested.

The main motto of Blood Donation day 2021 is to bring more people towards giving their blood for worthy causes and saving the lives of others who are sick and in urgent need of blood.

World Blood Donor Day 2021 will be celebrated on 14th June which was Sunday. Usually, blood donation camps are organized on Sundays so that more and more people can attend them and donate them in the first place.

  • Why is Blood Donation Day on 14th June?

14th June is celebrated as the Blood Donation Day in many countries of the world. This is to spread great awareness about the importance of blood all over the world and to attract as many people to donate their blood for the betterment of mankind as possible.

14th June is marked as Blood Donation Day, an honor on the birthday of Karl Landsteiner who was a very popular Austrian scientist. He dedicated his passion to the invention of a lot of amazing things in the science field and that is why his birthday is used to spread awareness about the importance of human life throughout the whole world.

  • Who’s Birthday is World Blood Donor Day fall on?

14th June is remarked as the National Blood Donor Day and the person whose birthday falls on this day is Karl Landsteiner. He was an Austrian biologist who was born on 14th June 1868.

Karl Landsteiner lived from the year 1868 to the year 1943. He invented the modern scientific method called ‘blood transfusion‘ that is now recognized as one of the most scientific researches in today’s world. World Blood Donation Day is also considered as the birth anniversary of this genius person who gave such an amazing invention to the world & that is why he will be recognized throughout the world for more and more generations to come.

  • Is there a National Blood Donation Day?

Yes, blood donation is a national event and that should be conducted throughout the world for sure. Everyone should know the importance of blood donation and that is why the recognition of the same is crucial. Everywhere, the spread of blood donation will activate awareness among people and they will start to get involved more and more in several blood donation camps and sessions.

Therefore, with the help of national blood donation day, more and more people will get aware of this amazing facility and many sick people will get their required blood at the right time to save their lives. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the World Blood donor day 2021. Feel free to Download & Share World Blood Donor Day 2021 Quotes.

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Date, Theme, Significance, Posters, & Quotes

World Day against Child Labor posters 2021

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Quotes: Children are meant to be building their dreams and working on them in their childhood and no one has the right to exploit their dreams in various dangerous exposures or means. This is what World Day against Child Labor wants to explain as its theme to the whole world.

Celebrating World Day Against Child Labor makes people realize the seriousness of this horrible activity and invoke people to step ahead to help in eradicating it right from its roots to its brim and from small villages to large cities for sure.

UN has a strong opinion that by reducing the amount of poverty in a particular country, child labor can also be decreased. That is why the UN is working actively on this same thought with the help of different plans and schemes.

Here, we bring to you some information on the celebrations of World Day Against Child Labor 2021. Enjoy reading the best collection of World Day Against Child labor 2021 Quotes & Poster.

World Day Against Child Labor 2021

Children are considered to be another form of God. But, the people who make them work in a harsh may seem to forget this just to earn more money and spend less of it on human labor. Making children below the age of 14 work in heavy industries and with harmful substances is a crime in the eyes of the Indian Constitution as well as the UN.

For the same reason, the UN has worked on a lot of researches and innovations to bring some solid and long-lasting solutions to the child labor act and to provide deserved education to the children. A special day known as World Day against Child Labor is celebrated to spread awareness about the abolition of child labor from the world and to make people see this as a serious human rights abolition act that should be stopped immediately.

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Date

World Day against Child Labor 2021 will be celebrated on 12th June. New plans and schemes will be launched on this day for the betterment and education of children below the age of 14. More and more children will be provided an opportunity to get educational scholarships and step into the world of knowledge and excellence without worrying about the fees and other materialistic expenses that the schools may cause them.

World Day against Child Labor date 2021
World Day against Child Labor date 2021

Scholarships will be given to as many excellent students as possible so that they don’t have to suppress their interest in studying due to their family’s bad financial conditions. These children, whether boys or girls, will get free schooling based on their out-of-the-box thinking and excellent scholarship performance.

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Theme

World Day against Child Labor 2021 theme states “Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams”. This specifically targets the mentality of people that the children of workers or laborers should only carry on their parents’ work and they don’t have the right to think differently at all.

World Day against Child Labor Theme 2021
World Day against Child Labor Theme 2021

With this slogan, we are focusing on this exact mentality of people and are trying to change it by encouraging their children to dream big and by providing all the necessary sources to them in the first place for sure. Therefore, the ultimate motto of celebrating World Day against Child Labor is to provide security, knowledge, and educational rights to children that have become prey to child labor activity.

Significance of World Day Against Child Labor

World Day against Child Labor holds a lot of importance in today’s world, where more and more dangerous activities are taking place against children. Children are used for a lot of dangerous activities and stopping all of them is the main purpose or significance of this day.

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Posters

World Day against Child Labor 2021 is a very significant day and for this day, a lot of posters and images are circulated all over the world. Some of those World Day against Child Labor 2021 are-

World Day against Child Labor posters 2021
World Day against Child Labor posters 2021

World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Activities

A lot of educational activities are held on 12th June every year to celebrate it as World Day against Child Labor. Various schools all over India and some other countries organize various scholarship programs to help the poor and knowledgeable children get free education for the whole of their schooling period.

The UN authorities have introduced a lot of innovative plans, especially for the educational betterment of girls who don’t get an education because of the orthodox thoughts and poverty of their families.

Best World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Quotes

One of the best quotes for World Day against Child Labor 2021 states that “For a better Nation, Stop Child Exploitation”. This makes exact impact and remark of this day and tells people that they should let their children, both girls, and boys get educated and build a better life for themselves.

Some other best World Day against Child Labor quotes are “A child is meant to learn and not to earn”, “Education is children’s birthright and for this, we should fight”, “Small Hands should Handle a Pen, that to handle the Pain of Work”, and many more.

People Also Ask:

  • What is the theme for World Day Against Child Labor 2021?

The main theme of World Day Against Child Labor 2021 is to help children make their dreams come true by providing them all the required means of education and being a source of their career success.

  • Why do we celebrate World Day Against Child Labor?

Child labor is another serious form of slavery that is still active in a lot of different countries. Because of child labor, many children have lost their childhood and their right to education which is totally against the democratic principles of a country. That is why celebrating a day against child labor was a brave step to take towards the eradication of this activity.

  • What does the UN say about Child Labor?

Child labor has always been a heated topic in several meetings held by the UN. The UN has always shown serious concern about this activity that is still taking place in a lot of countries and which needs to be stopped immediately. UN authorities have also done a lot of surveys regarding this activity and have found a lot of reasons at the core of spreading of the same considering one of those as poverty.

  • What has the United Nations done to eliminate Child Labor?

The United Nations have come a very long way in providing a lot of facilities towards eradicating child labor by enforcing more and more national policies in all the possible countries. This is undoubtedly a very big step towards preserving the childhood of numerous children in this world.

The UN has started finding the root cause of child labor and has noticed poverty to be one of them. That is why it has taken some strict majors towards the eradication of poverty which will eventually leave a positive impact on the reduction of child labor as well. This will surely take a very rapid and positive turn towards the expected result in the future. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the World Day Against Child Labor 2021. Feel free to Share & Download World Day Against Child Labor 2021 Poster & Quotes. Let us spread the awareness to save a child from the prison called labor.

Pride Month June 2021 Theme, History, Flag, Captions, Quotes in English

Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021

Pride Month 2021: Pride month is celebrated to represent gay pride or the LGBTQ community and to give a respectful tribute to those who were involved in the stonewall inn movements in June month of 1969. This movement was for the community and their rights in the city therefore every year on 28 June everyone celebrates this day by joining the parades and having fun. You can also have fun with the rainbow color flags and the glitter all on your face. There are several ways by which you can celebrate this pride month. But before that, you should know the history of how it started or why we celebrate June month as pride month.

Why we celebrate Pride Month?

Several years back on 28 June 1969 in New York City police raided the stonewall inn which was the gay bar or club in the Greenwich Village. After the raid, people in the neighbourhood and staff of the club started the riot on Christopher Street which was outside the club. Many leaders were handling this riot to make a point and try to gain their rights but Marsha P. Johnson was one of the leaders who was a black, trans, bisexual woman. She was leading this movement for about 6 days after the raid. The demand of the protestors was very clear, they wanted to develop some places where they can go to have fun without hiding their sexuality. They wanted to be open with their sexual preferences without any fear of arrest from the police.

When this riot was ended, the government gave them some freedom about their sexual preference therefore this riot was important in the gay community. You should also know that how this day was started to celebrate as a pride month. Brenda Howard was one of the popular bisexual activists at that time of the year. She is the one to whom everyone gives credit to start the celebration of pride month. She is also known as the “The Mother of Pride” because, after the year of the riot, she arranges Gay Pride Week and Christopher Liberation Day to give tribute to the people who were involved in the Stonewall riot. After the years this small parade grows into the New York City Pride March and people around the world were taking inspiration from this incident. Still today, many Gay Americans are treated as if they belong from other planet and this happens not only in one of the most developed country but also in other places where acceptance of other gender is still rare.

All in all, a month is dedicated to LGBTQ community who wants to be treated as equal to other people in society. They want to have a state of inclusion with other people for living a honest life and not hiding behind doors to veil their gender.

Pride Month June 2021

Every year on 28 June Pride Month is celebrated across the world with different types of celebrations. Some people like to have fun with the parades and march but some try to organize programs that support Gay Pride. This pride month is officially recognized by the U.S. government in 1999 and 2000 under the leadership of Bill Clinton as the president of the United States. This was a big step for the gay and LGBTQ community across the world. After Barack Obama was elected he declared June month as the LGBTQ Pride Month from 2006 to 2019. When Donald Trump was elected he shared a tweet that says that he launched the global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the respect of June Pride Month.

In Africa, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda were the countries that first celebrated pride month and in Asia, countries like India, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Nepal, Israel, Hong Kong and East Timor celebrated successfully.

Many people are not ready to accept their individuality and they constantly live in a state of fear that maybe society will not accept them but one should always remember that you do not  belong to anybody, your life is your choice and you should live it however you want. Each of us are different and you should face the difference and live your life on your own terms.

Pride Month June 2021
Pride Month June 2021

You should know that the New York City Pride Parade in 2019 was the biggest Gay Pride parade over the years with over 2 million people. There were different leaders with their voices to support the LGBTQ community.

Pride Month June 2021 Theme

In the year 2021, many people will celebrate June as Pride month and its 51st anniversary. There will be various events and parades where you can join to support the gay community. Every year there is a different theme to represent the events and parades therefore this year the theme of the June pride month is “This year, it’s different”. Due to the pandemic and the COVID-19 restriction, you have to be safe and celebrate this month under the restrictions. If you can’t find any parades in your areas then you can go to the events which are arranged to celebrate and support the gay community. June pride Month is all about celebrating the safety and freedom of the LGBT community and make them feel safe around everyone.

Flag for Pride Month 2021

The rainbow flag represents the pride of the gay and LGBTQ community and the history of the flag is a must to know. The gay politician named Harvey Milk asked his designer friend Gilbert Baker to design the symbol which will represent the San Francisco Pride March in the year 1978. This flag represents the freedom of the community and the pride of the people who hold it. The parade and events are all about holding the flag with pride. It will represent your support to the community and your respect for their sexual preference.

Flag for Pride Month June 2021
Flag for Pride Month June 2021

You will also find several flag designs that will represent the gay community but the rainbow flag was very popular around the world. The colors of the flag represent the freedom of the community.

Best Pride Month 2021 Caption for Instagram

Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram
Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram

Last year due to the pandemic restriction most people didn’t get a chance to join the parade or march but with the help of social media, everyone got the chance to show support for the community. You can upload the posts with captions which can encourage the people in the community. You can also get the chance to change the thinking of people by sharing your experience. Most people also arrange many online programs which will make your gay community respected.

Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram
Best Pride Month 2021 captions for instagram

Following area one caption for Instagram on the June Pride Month occasion –

  • “I was born this way and I love it”
  • “ People will talk either way therefore do what you want and what you feel like”
  • “Show the world who you are and be proud of it”
  • “You have the freedom to love whoever you want to love”
  • “We can’t choose how to born but we can choose how to live our life”
  • “It takes courage to be different in the crowd where everyone has a problem of your being different”

Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021

Following are some beautiful quotes that you can share with your friends are a family on the celebration of Pride Month.

Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021
Happy Pride Month Quotes 2021

  • “Let’s celebrate love in different forms and eradicate discrimination based on sexual preference”
  • “In the end, love is love even it is different”
  • “Happy Pride Month! Be proud of what you are”
  • “Enjoy yourself, don’t think about the gender or what people think”
  • “I maybe calm in the face but deep down I want a place where I live freely without any judgements”
  • “Keep calm or live fiercely”

We need to spread awareness towards the right of the community. This Pride month June 2021 is a great opportunity to show your solidarity & speak it out loud.  Let’s now forget that we all are equal not matter our race, cast, creed , religion & orientation. Let’s take this opportunity & spread the message far. We hope that you enjoyed reading article about Pride Month June 2021 & let us know which of the Pride month 2021 Images Quotes are your favorite.

Finally, we as a society and a responsible citizen should accept the fact that each one of us can live our lives in a way what we want. This diversity of humanity should be accepted by all irrespective of race or religion.

World Ocean Day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Celebrations, Images with Quotes

World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day 2021: This is one of the days which is celebrated all over the world and it is celebrated for a special reason. On this day, you have to spread the importance of oceans on the earth and the solutions by which we can save oceans. World ocean day is known for its awareness about the oceans and how to protect them. Through this time of the year, various diseases are spreading all over the world but you have to make sure that the health of oceans stays good with your health.

Every year this day is celebrated with various themes by which everyone spread awareness about how we are affecting the health of oceans on earth. You have to ink that most of the area on earth is occupied by the ocean or water which also means that the oxygen level is more in the ocean. When the water gets polluted the oxygen level will get decreased and the living beings in the ocean will be dead due to a lack of oxygen.

World Ocean Day 2021
World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day 2021 Date

Every year the world ocean day is celebrated on 8 June. The main reason behind the celebration is to aware everyone of the importance of oceans in your life. You should get participate in this global celebration and make your stand on this day. You have to make a contribution to this day about the importance of oceans. This is one of your responsibility of being human. You should tell everyone that their human actions can make the oceans polluted. In the end, if everyone knows that the impacts of their actions then they will try to take care of it.

Oceans are one of the life sources of humans and other living organisms on earth. Because 50% of oxygen is formed with the help of the ocean on the earth. You should also know that around a few million industries are based on the ocean. Many people are based on this industry financially. Oceans are also the source of the maximum protein beaches of its underwater ecosystem. Through these years because of human actions, 90% of the fish population and 50% of the coral reefs population is decreased which is not good for the earth’s balance. To find the new balance of nature you have to protect the oceans at any cost.

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

For many years, this day is celebrated with the same excitement but the different themes for the day. Everyone takes a part in this movement and aware of their friends and family of the human impacts on the oceans. These themes will give you an idea about how to spread the importance of oceans differently every time. The theme of this year’s ocean day is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods”. When the idea of ocean day is launched at the conference, they set the goal of 14 sustainable development. Through the years they are trying to get this goal completed.

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme
World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

The purpose of this day is to contribute to this movement every year with your friends and family. Think of the solutions with the help of we can save the biggest source of food and water. You should also know that this is the major part where oxygen is formed and it is also the major source of medicine in the world. You should also create the biggest movement which will support you in preserving the oceans.

History of World ocean day 2021

World ocean day is a worldwide movement Which is celebrated on the 8 June every year. This is an international day and this concept is proposed by the International Centre for Ocean Development and the ocean Institute of Canada at the UN Conference. This UN conference was about the environment and development which is held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This conference is also called the Earth Summit. This day is celebrated for the first time in the year 2008 by the United Nations. The main focus of this movement is to compete for the goal of 14 sustainable development.

How to celebrate World Ocean Day?

There are various ways by which you can celebrate the ocean day differently and smoke your contribution to the movement to preserve the oceans.

  • Firstly you can decrease the use of electric energy as little as possible. You can take the stairs or turn off your computer, light, etc., for the day.
  • You should also choose the great choices in the seafood. Try to avoid buying the overexploited species of fish.
  • Try to use fewer plastic products because they will end in the ocean which will lead to decreasing the living species in the ocean.
  • Spend the day cleaning the beaches and make sure that you are protecting the ocean.

5 Interesting Facts about World Ocean Day

Following are some interesting facts about the ocean which you should know if you are planning to celebrate world ocean day.

  • Around 70% of the earth, the surface is occupied by the oceans, and the largest ocean is the pacific ocean.
  • You should also know that the oceans contain about 50% of living forms or species.
  • Most of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans. This is also the major source of food for many species.
  • No one ever goes into the depth of the ocean to study marine life because of the water pressure.
  • From history, you can tell that about 20 million tons of gold are present in the oceans at this time.

World Ocean Day 2021 Images

Following are some images that will give you brief ideas about the worldwide movement and the theme of this year.

World Ocean Day 2021 Images
World Ocean Day 2021 Images

World Ocean Day 2021 Quotes

Following are some interesting quotes that you can use when you are celebrating world ocean day.

World Ocean Day 2021
World Ocean Day 2021

Ocean and we are connected with the special bond. When we go there to watch the ocean, we are going to the place from where we came in the first place.

If the ocean is not there anymore, then we will not able to see plants also.

The ocean is one of the great creations of God, you can enjoy this for your lifetime.

The ocean is the best miracle that happens to us.

When is World Ocean Day 2021?

World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of June with different themes. The theme of ocean day 2021 is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihood”.

What is World Ocean Day?

World ocean day is the international day and the worldwide movement which is celebrated to complete the goals of sustainable development. On this day you have to aware people of the human impacts on the oceans and it is affecting the living organism in the oceans. Contribution to this movement is the must thing which you have to do to save the oceans.

Why celebrate World ocean day?

World Ocean Day is celebrated for the first time by the United Nations in 2008. On this day, you have to spread awareness about the importance of oceans in your life. You can also suggest the solutions that help in protecting the oceans from human actions. It will help in creating the balance of nature.

Water is the lifeline & Oceans are the source of it, so it’s a no brainer if we need water, we need to save our oceans. Let us know how you have celebrated Ocean day 2021. Also, we hope that you enjoyed reading about history & fact of ocean day. Share & Download our collection of World Ocean day 2021 quotes Images with your friends. Let’s together save our oceans so that future is secure.

World Food Safety Day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Celebrations, Images & Quotes

World Food Safety Day 2021

World Food Safety Day 2021: Food, clothing, and shelter have always been the 3 most important necessities of living beings on Earth. All living beings, especially humans, need these means of survival because, without them, we may not manage to stay alive on the Earth. But what we eat is also very important, irrespective of the fact that many people even don’t get their regular meals.

Eating healthy food is also very important for survival as it makes you strong and energetic and keeps all the diseases and illnesses away from you in the first place. Therefore, when it comes to food, quality matters much more than quantity, and that too undoubtedly.

World Food Safety Day 2021

To bring people’s attention to the emerging health issues taking place throughout the world because of unhealthy food, the United Nations with the help of WHO (World Health Organization) took matters into their own hands and announced a special day for paying attention towards the protection and safety issues of food. This day is known as World Food Safety Day (WFSD) and is celebrated from the year 2019.

In 2021, WFSD will be organized for the 3rd time throughout the world and different companies and food safety organizations have to look into it that they contribute their share towards the betterment of food quality in the world in the first place for sure.

World Food Safety Day Date 2021

The official date on which World Food Safety Day is celebrated is 7th June. In the year 2021, WFSD will be organized all over the world for the 3rd time. But, unfortunately, due to the terrible pandemic situation that has occurred in a lot of major parts of the world, the organization of the program will take place virtually.

In this virtual WFSD program, people related to the food industry from all over the world will present their ideas in front of others. Some active food safety measures will be appreciated with prizes as well. This will be an amazing UN-organized ceremony that will relate with the people and explain to them the importance of eating healthy food every day.

World Food Safety Day 2021 Date
World Food Safety Day 2021 Date

World Food Safety Day Theme 2021

The main theme behind celebrating World Food Safety Day 2021 is to bring together all the 3 wheels of the food industry, i.e., the Government, the producers, and the consumers. These 3 are the basic requirements of the food industry of any country and bringing them together on one platform is a very intelligent thought for sure.

World Food Safety Day 2021 Theme
World Food Safety Day 2021 Theme

The theme of WFSD is to bring all the 3 wheels of the food industry together and implement various plans that are useful for all these 3 wheels in the first place. On this day, new mutually beneficial food safety schemes are launched and all these 3 authorities come together to either agree or argue to these different schemes.

History of World Food Safety Day

The growing food safety issues were the major concern of WHO. Loss of agriculture, increase in the land infertility rates, increasing foodborne risks, etc., started causing slow but constant deterioration of economic prosperity and even the health of people started getting worst. According to a survey held by WHO and the United Nations in the year 2018-2019, almost 90% of the then-existing diseases were foodborne. This brought some serious consequences with it and it was high time to decide what is best for the world.

This is when WHO decided to hold a special day from the 365/366 others to celebrate food and find ways to improve its quality. For the reason of food safety and prevention of foodborne diseases, WHO declared 7th June as the world’s official Food Safety Day in the year 2019. In the year 2021, it is the 3rd time that the WFSD will be celebrated throughout the world with full enthusiasm.

How to Celebrate World Food Safety Day?

Celebrating World Food Safety Day 2021 indirectly means taking care of yourself. When you allow your body to consume only healthy food, you think of the same thing for others as well. This increasing the circulation chain of healthy food and reduces the number of food frauds and corruptions occurring in the world.

5 Interesting Facts about World Food Safety Day

There exist a lot of interesting and maybe unknown facts about World Food Safety Day and 5 among them can be listed as follows-

  1. The motto of World Food Safety Day 2021 is to spread the word to reduce food poisoning risks throughout the world.
  2. Anyone can participate in the WFSD 2021 program by just sending their truly believed food messages on the FDA page, either on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. FDA not only takes care of food safety throughout the world but also pays attention to the sanitary and other wholesome services of the world on this day.
  4. WHO takes the responsibility for not only one day but the whole year to spread awareness among the people about the various foodborne diseases and the safety measure to be taken to prevent them.
  5. Tips to minimize food wastage are also provided by different food safety organizations on this day.

World Food Safety Day 2021 Images

Following are some amazing World Food Safety Day 2021 images that will bring a smile to your face and will undoubtedly make you eager to participate in the WFSD program for sure.

World Food Safety Day 2021
World Food Safety Day 2021

Best World Food Safety Day 2021 Quotes

People have quoted World Food Safety Day 2021 in a lot of different ways. One of these quotes says ‘Food safety, everyone’s business’. This quote makes us realize that only major food safety authorities are not responsible for solving all the food safety issues arising with each passing day in the world. It is our duty as well to make sure that we treat food properly and don’t take it to the verge of being harmful.

‘Food safety, everyone’s business’ is not only a simple quote but the motto of the program for the World Food Safety Day for the year 2021.

People Also Ask:

  • When is World Food Safety Day 2021?

World Food Safety Day 2021 is on 7th June. This day is a very determining day for the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) and also for the common people who get the pleasure of having satisfying food at least twice a day.

  • What is World Food Safety Day?

World Food Safety Day is celebrated so that people focus their attention on the emerging food problems and its never-ending shortage in the human world. Food security is facing a lot of problems in today’s world and all those are affecting the quality of food for not only humans but even animals. This should be properly looked upon by us before its too late for the same.

  • Why celebrate World Food Safety Day?

World Food Safety Day is celebrated to spread the importance of food all over the world and to make people realize it before it’s too late for them. Distributing food among the poor on this day will make your version of World Food Safety Day for yourself and will also give you a great amount of satisfaction and pleasure.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about World Food safety day. Food is what gives us comfort & it’s a necessity for us to survive. Let’s celebrate this World Food Safety Day 2021 together & remind each one of us the value that food brings to our life. Feel free to Download & Share World Food Safety day 2021 Images Quotes with friends & family.

5 JUNE Happy World Environment Day 2021 Poster, Drawing, Images, Slogan & Quotes

5 June Environment Day Quotes

Happy World Environment Day Poster Drawing:  Environment or ecosystem is a geographical area which surrounds us where we live in dependence with other animals and living organisms making use of the earth’s resources like water, soil, land, sunlight etc. in order to have a better life. For ages our ancestors have been relying on the ecosystem for developing a better lifestyle and for the same they made use of the resources available from earth. As the population increased the utilization of resources became over exploited and people became greedy. This resulted in  sudden changes in ecosystem.

Human activities began to turn into threat and hazard for the balance of ecosystem. To address this problem United Nations took an initiative and that is introducing World Environment Day. This article will provide you with an Idea on environment day 2021, Happy World Environment Day Poster, Drawing, Images, Slogan and Quotes. We hope this is useful enjoyable and informative .

World Environment Day 2021

The world environment day is celebrated annually on 5th June. This year it falls on Saturday. This international day is an initiative taken by United Nations to address the threats and issues that falls on our ecosystem. Natural as well as human activities took part in destruction of our ecosystem but, recently human activities are the main threat to ecosystem. Deforestation, pollution including air, water, noise, over population, global warming, over grazing, over mining, over exploitation of land and  construction activities have erased most of our natural habitat.

Happy Environment Day 2021
Happy Environment Day 2021

These activities have resulted in increasing temperature, increase in carbon dioxide, destruction of ozone layer, climatic changes, unprecedented floods and droughts, melting ice in Artic and Antarctic region and so much more. The world environment day was introduced to create awareness about these issues on the public  and suggest solutions to over come this serious situation immediately.

Every year this day is celebrated on the basis of a theme and this year the theme for World environment day is ‘Reimagine, Recreate and Restore’. This year UN also officially starts the new Decade on ‘Ecosystem restoration’. As a part of Ecosystem restoration, UN have decided to restore billions of hectors of forest as well as farmland, from mountain to sea. This would be happening by joining hands with sustainable development plans of different nations. This year the World environment day is officially hosted by Pakistan.

Happy World Environment Day 2021 Images

World Environment Day Images
World Environment Day Images

Over the past years almost 143 countries joined hands for bringing back the lost blue and green once again to the earth. The world environment day plays the vital role in this causes. This day promotes business organizations to go green and eco-friendly even it is a part of advertisement or promotional programs. Government takes measure to protect Ecosystem as apart of this day, schools and colleges organizes various programs and competitions which would promote the message of the day.

5 June Environment Day Quotes
5 June Environment Day Quotes

Many people personally and also as a part of various programs plants new trees on this day. So even though it is just a one day celebration somehow it contributes to the protection of ecosystem. Here are some HD images on world environment day which is useful to share through your social media accounts to show your support for the day.

Happy World Environment Day Poster Making Ideas

Happy Environment Day Poster Download
Happy Environment Day Poster Download

Restoration of environment is one of the most important and current issues the world is facing. The pandemic can be called as an after effect of destruction of Ecosystem. Our actions against these issues are limited but we could support and protect our environment within the limits. One of the best way of communicating our opinion to the public on our views are posters. One of the advantage of poster is both words and images are equally important. We could express our ideas and creativity through words as well as pictures.

Happy Environment Day Poster Images
Happy Environment Day Poster Images

How can we create a poster on environment day? First, knowledge about the recent issues and problems. Second, expressing our opinions in the most simplest but catchy and attention seeking way, thirdly, including images and symbols support our content. Given below are some examples of posters on World Environment Day. You could make use of these ideas to express your on views on the topic.

Happy Environment Day Posters
Happy Environment Day Posters

World Environment Day Drawing Easy

This year UN launches a new decade of ecosystem restoration from (2021 – 2030). For its promotion a new campaign called #Generationrestoration has been initiated in social media platform. The goals of the program is to bring into action, Afforestation to restore the lost greenery. Initiating various plans to reduce pollution. Try to control the climatic changes through various methods like bring down temperature level etc. These activities are not the responsibilities of any particular social work organizations or any government we all have to put efforts to make the change.

Happy Environment Day Posters Drawing
Happy Environment Day Posters Drawing

We could contribute by planting tree, reusing plastics, waste control, cleaning near by water bodies and public places. Making our own surroundings green is what we all could do as a part of Society to join this campaign. Given below are some beautiful and easy drawings on World Environment day. You could make use of the ideas and bring out you opinions and views on the day into the paper as an art.

Happy Environment Day Drawings
Happy Environment Day Drawings

June 5 World Environment Day Pictures

The World Environment Day was introduced by UN in its general assembly of 1972 on the first day of human Environment conference of Stockholm. Later, in 1974, June 5th World’s first Environment day was celebrated with the theme  “Only one earth”. From 1974 till now every year we celebrated this global day with strong actions. Almost 150 countries have joined hands with this journey and have taken actions. Let us also be a part of this day on this World Environment.

Happy Environment Day Images
Happy Environment Day Images

World Environment Day Slogans in English

Happy Environment Day Slogans
Happy Environment Day Slogans

Words are the best way of communicating our ideologies and opinions. When the words become striking it gains more attention. World Environment Day Anthem is one such poem which caught attention of the world. It was penned by Indian poet Abhay K. Similarly we can also express our ideas through words. One such way is slogans they are small and precise but strong and effective in action. Given here are some of the catchy and beautiful slogans on World Environment Day. You could use these as an example and create your own slogans to support the day.

Happy Environment Day Wishes
Happy Environment Day Wishes

  • Let’s be greeny and not be greedy.
  • Reject it, if you can’t recycle it.
  • Invest in the environment and take back a better future.
  • Let us conserve the green and blue before the grey covers it
  • Let us heal the wounds we caused on earth.

Happy World Environment Day 2021 Quotes

World environment day is a gift we humans could offer to our earth. It is a day to remember that there is no planet B. Earth is only planet that support life. It shows the importance and necessity to protect the earth from ourselves. We need inspiration and motivation to change ourselves and quotes are the best helping tool for that. Jere are some inspiration and motivational quotes on the World Environment Day said by famous people. Let us keep those to our hearts and get inspired to act on this day.

Happy Environment Day Quotes
Happy Environment Day Quotes

  • “We will never find quality drinking water if we pollute water with slime.” -Aeschylus
  • “Birds are the indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we will soon be in trouble.” – Roger Tory Peterson
  • “The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”. – Lady Bird Johnson

Happy Environment Day  Quotes Wishes
Happy Environment Day Quotes Wishes

  • “He who plants trees loves others besides himself.”. – Thomas Fuller
  • The sky, the mountain, the tree, the animals give us a delight in and for themselves.
  • “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, tree, people. I thought, tis is what it is to be happy.”. – Sylvia Plath

Happy Environment Day Quotes Images
Happy Environment Day Quotes Images

The World Environment day 2021 brings together all the people around the world with diverse cultures, religion, race, gender, linguistic background and encourage everyone to fight together for the earth. On this day the whole world should thank our earth for protecting and taking care of us and also should apologize for our greedy action. Let us make efforts to work together for Ecosystem restoration. We hope we were able to provide you with World Environment Day Poster, Drawing, Images, Slogan & Quotes. Hope you enjoy it & Take some actions to Save our Environment.

World Environment Day 2022 Date, Theme, History, Poster & Quotes

World Environment Day 2021 Quotes

World Environment Day 2021 Theme & Quotes: Every year World Environment Day is observed on 5th of June. With the increasing levels of pollution, it is high time to stop and make peace with nature. World Environment Day is a day when we raise awareness and take the action to protect our environment. On the Environment Day we also remember how much Mother Earth and given us, and how it’s time to give the same affection back to her.

This article will give you a simple idea about the World Environment Day, the theme and the history behind the day. You can share our World Environment Day Quotes and posters  with your close ones by downloading them.

World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day Images
World Environment Day Images

World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1972. World Environment Day is a day of global outreach, where over 143 countries come together to raise awareness on topics like global warming, marine pollution, land pollution, human overpopulation and so on. The day is not to be confused with Earth Day or any such days.

Every year celebrations have been hosted in selected cities. The first host city was Spokane, Washington of United States. For 2021, the declared host city was Pakistan. This year on the World Environment Day the United Nations will also launch the UN decade of Ecosystem Restoration.

Other than that, celebrations are seen globally. School children are encouraged to write essays about how important the day is. Some also join rallies to raise awareness especially about banning the use of plastics as it plays a crucial role in destroying the soil. Some students even plant trees in surroundings. Not only students many adults and some organizations also come forward to join hands on this day. Unfortunately, in 2021, with the schools still being closed, and on-going lockdown in many states such celebrations will not take place probably.

World Environment Day 2022 Date

Just like every year, World Environment Day 2022 will be celebrated on 5th June.

World Environment Day Theme 2022

Every year a new theme is selected to make the World Environment day more interesting.  Celebrations usually resolve around such themes. The day has been observed every year since 1972, but the first theme was selected for the year 1974. The theme for 1974 was “Only one Earth.”

In the year, 2020, the chosen theme was “Time for Nature”., which was hosted in Columbia. For 2021, again such a theme is chosen by the United Nations. The theme for the year 2021 “Ecosystem Restoration”, which will be hosted in Pakistan. This World Environment Day theme roughly means to stop the damage and start to heal the ecosystem. Also, based on theme, you can write World Environment Day 2022 Speech.

The theme for World Environment Day 2022 has not yet been decided.

History of World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established by the United Nations in 1972 as the opening act of Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Later in 1974, the first World Environmental Day celebration was held with the theme “Only One Earth”. From then, each year on the same day the day has been celebrated with different themes.

Celebrations of the day are predominantly seen in hosting cities. Since 1987, the United Nations started selecting cities around the world to be host cities. The first host city, in 1974, was Spokane situated in United States. Last year, in 2020, the host city was Columbia. For 2021 Pakistan was set as the host city.

5 Interesting Facts about Environment Day

You are at the right place if you want to brush up your knowledge about World Environmental Day. Feel free to use these in your World Environment day 2022 essay to make it more meaningful. Here are some of the interesting facts about World Environment day:

  • The World Environment Day was established by the United Nations in 1972 as the opening act of Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.
  • The first celebrations were held in Spokane in 1974.
  • The theme for First World Environment day was “Only One Earth.”
  • The first host city was Spokane, Washington of United States.

World Environment Day 2022 Poster

Amidst of the pandemic raging on, social media can play a huge role in spreading awareness. You can take the help of Social media handles such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest to raise awareness on the World Environment Day. Check out our posters about the day and feel free to share them as much as you want with your friends and family. You can also download these World Environment Day posters and put it up on your WhatsApp status.

World Environment Day 2022 Poster
World Environment Day 2022 Poster

World Environment Day Poster Download
World Environment Day Poster Download

World Environment Day Poster
World Environment Day Poster

World Environment Day 2022 Quotes

World Environment Day 2022 Quotes
World Environment Day 2022 Quotes

Quotes are the best stated way to generate awareness. Although it may be hard for you to go out and join rallies or do activities in order to raise awareness about the day, but that should not stop you. You need to wake up , and take action against the injustice done towards our mother earth. To make up for outdoor activities, you can share quotes about World Environment Day to your friends and family. Here is a wide collection of World Environment day Quotes by some famous people  that you can share:

  • “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” -Robert Swan
  • “This is where we live, why are we hurting our home? Live on our earth, love our earth, laugh on our earth. This is the only on we have,  Save it!” – John Vol
  • “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Protect Our Earth today for our Children’s tomorrow.” – Anonymous.
  • “A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself”. — Franklin D Roosevelt

People Also Ask:

  • Why is Environmental Day celebrated?

The Environmental Day is celebrated globally to raise the awareness about the destruction of our nature and also to encourage more activities to restore our ecosystem as much as possible.

  • What was the theme for World Environment Day 2021?

For 2021, again such a theme is chosen by the United Nations. The theme for this year is “Ecosystem Restoration”, which will be hosted in Pakistan. The theme roughly means to stop the damage and start to heal the ecosystem.

  • Why is 5th June celebrated as Environment Day?

5th June 1972 was the first day of the first United Nations Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Since then, the day, 5th June, is celebrated annually as the World Environment Day.

  • Which country has hosted the World Environment Day 2021?

 The World Environment Day 2021 was hosted by Pakistan.

The Earth needs healing.  Celebrating only one day annually is not enough for that. It is high time that we start planting more trees to make our cities greener. After all what we leave today is our next generation’s future. On that note, if you are planning to go out on this World Environment Day make sure to mask up and maintain all safety pre-cautions.

Our very own peace prize winner, Mother Teresa had stated -“There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” Therefore, on this 5th June, let’s all take an oath to start protecting all greeneries around us together and take a step to reduce pollution as much as possible. It may seem impossible for one individual but is possible if everyone comes forward and joins hands together. Remember, “team-work makes the dream work.”

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