Vesak day 2021 Celebrations Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA & Indonesia

Happy Vesak Day Wishes

Vesak day 2021 Celebrations: Buddhists around the world celebrate Vesak day to commemorate Gautam Buddha’s birthday. The day is also known as Wesak Day, Buddha Purnima or Buddha’s Birthday. For 2021, Vesak Day falls on 26th May.

Let us read more about Vesak Day 2021 and how the day is celebrated around the globe. Do not forget to check out our collection of heart-warming wishes about Vesak Day 2021. You can share those wishes with your loved ones and post them through all your social media handles.

Vesak Day 2021

Vesak Day celebrates not only the Birthday of Buddha, but also Enlightenment and Passing of Buddha. According to Chinese lunar calendar the day is observed on the full moon in fourth month. In Gregorian calendar the day typically falls in May or April. In India, it is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. Check Buddha Purnima Wishes 2021 for your loved ones here.

Now due to different Buddhist cultures, the day is sometimes celebrated on different dates in different countries. If there are two full moons during May, then some countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia celebrates the day on first full moon, while other countries like Thailand and Singapore do so on the second full moon. Such differences arise due to different local lunar observance.

For 2021, the Vesak Day is set to be celebrated on 26st May.  

Vesak Day Celebrations 2021

Vesak Day is a very important festival to Buddhists. On this day many followers and devoted Buddhists come together and host the honourable Buddhist flag as the sun rises. Devotees also decorate temples with flags and flowers. In evenings, many candle lit processions are organised. Devotees are also encouraged to do good and charitable deeds on Vesak Day to commemorate the teachings of Buddha.

Happy Vesak Day Celebrations 2021
Happy Vesak Day Celebrations 2021

Vesak Day celebrations are seen in different countries such as Nepal, Singapore, Australia, UK, Malaysia etc. In Nepal, which is Buddha’s birthplace, celebrations are seen widely across the Kathmandu Valley. Prayers and talks are held in monasteries to spread the morals of Buddha.

Due to difference in culture and history, every country has some of their own traditions when it comes to celebrating Vesak. We will talk about it in brief, so make sure to read till the end.

Vesak Day 2021 Singapore

In Singapore Vesak Day is observed as a holiday. In Buddhist monasteries of Singapore pilgrims gather and practise the “three-step, one-bow” ritual. Devotees climb steps on their knees, and bow once after every three steps. This practise is believed to bring them peace and good health.

Happy Vesak Day Celebrations
Happy Vesak Day Celebrations

Vesak Day 2021 Malaysia

After Islam, Buddhism is the second largest religion in Malaysia. So, it’s no wonder that Malaysia has also made Vesak Day a public holiday. Large processions are seen in Kuala Lumpur with traditional lion and dragon dances. If you are a sucker of such large colourful parades, then you might want to check out the seven kilometre long float Vesak Day celebratory procession at Georgetown in Penang. This procession has been happening annually since 1949.

Vesak Day 2021 Australia

Buddhism is a minority religion in Australia.  Even so, during Vesak Federation Square of Australia bustle with people. A multicultural festival is organised with more than 40 events, cultural programs are held. One of the most attractive parts of the day has to be thrilling dragon boat sprint race along the Yarra River. You must not miss it if you are celebrating Vesak in Australia.  In 2020, Australia conducted online celebrations which included Buddhist chants, prayers and messages from high authorities.

Vesak Day 2021 in UK

Buddhism is a very new religion to arrive in United Kingdom. As most Buddhists live in London, Vesak celebrations are also seen widely in that area. People in United Kingdom celebrate Vesak by going to local temples and chanting prayers. On this day, they wear white clothing and practice meditations.

Vesak Day 2021 in USA

Buddhists from all culture and linage come together to celebrate Vesak Day. In Washington DC, local temples formed a ‘International Buddhist Committee’ which plan the international Vesak celebrations. Other cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles also have such organisations.

Vesak Day 2021 in Indonesia

Indonesia has its own unique tradition when it comes to Vesak. Thousands of Buddhists gather at Borobudur Temple of Indonesia which is the world’s largest temple. There the monks celebrate the day with bottling holy water and transporting flames. At evening, they release lanterns in the sky. Glistening lanterns fill the night sky and illuminate the surroundings. It is truly a sight to behold.

Vesak Day Celebrations
Vesak Day Celebrations

Other than these countries, Mayanmar, Sri Lanka, Burma and many other countries has their own traditional ways to celebrate Vesak Day 2021. It is quite unfortunate that a global pandemic is raging on. We do not know if any extravagant celebrations or rallies will be conducted in 2021 or not. The celebrations for Vesak Day 2021 will be regulated by the Government of respected countries.

Happy Vesak Day 2021 wishes for friends & Family

The sole purpose of celebrating Vesak is to remember the teachings of Buddha and spread love and compassion. The easiest way to do that is to share some wishes about Vesak Day 2021. Here are some wishes you can share with your friends and family.

Happy Vesak Day Wishes
Happy Vesak Day Wishes
  • Happy Vesak Day. Wishing that peace and tranquillity be by your side. Today and always.
  • As we honour the birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Buddha, we can all be inspired by his teachings. Happy Vesak Day.
  • Happy Vesak Day 2021. Let us pray for peace and harmony for all the humankind on this auspicious day.
Happy Vesak Day Images
Happy Vesak Day Images

Buddha was a man who had achieved true wisdom, compassion and freedom from suffering. His teachings included respect for all life, honestly and liberation. On this Vesak Day we hope people continue to spread his messages of love and tranquillity.

We hope that you liked reading this article about Vesak Day 2021. Check Happy Buddha Purnima Status 2021Buddha Purnima Wishes Images. Do not forget to share Vesak Day 2021 wishes with your loved ones. Remember to mask up properly and maintain safety precautions if you are to go out to celebrate this Vesak Day 2021.