Engineer’s Day 2021 India: Date, Theme, History, Celebrations, Wishes

Happy Engineer's day wishes

Engineer’s Day 2021 India: Engineers have their names in every field. They have a hand in the progress of the world, no matter what field it is. With the increase of technical knowledge, the development of any country takes place. The efforts are bringing a change in the attitude of society. The world’s growth is happening faster in this decade than in the last decade, crediting the engineers.

Engineer’s day 2021 India

In India, the day is celebrated annually for the dedication of Sir M viwesvaraya. The legacy of inspiration of shaping the world with skills knows. His contributions to various changes of making the factories, industries, and educational institutes are still reminiscent in India.

Engineer’s Day 2021 Date

The festival of renewing the revolutionaries of the technological world is celebrated on March 4, designated by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. In India, we celebrate this day on September 15, annually, tributing the Indian engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya (Sir MV), an internationally famous engineer, for his brilliance outstanding achievements in harnessing water resources in India.

Engineer’s day 2021 Theme

Engineering for a Healthy Planet: Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report is the theme for World Engineers day 2021. The pieces are influenced by newsletter articles, advertising ads, and social media broadcasts, among other sources. Audience engagement is critical at engineering day activities, as the customer is King is ultimately responsible.

History of Engineer’s Day

The history of the celebration of engineering day dates back to the colonial period when Sir MV completed his education at the College of Engineering, Pune, one of the oldest engineering colleges in Asia.

Diwan of Mysore(1912-1919) changed the maps of the kingdom by building numerous factories, industries, and educational institutes. He was awarded the title of Father of Modern Mysore State for his contributions.

The Civil Engineer’s most well-known works include the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore, implementation of irrigation system in Deccan Plateau, construction of flood protection system for Hyderabad, development of the strategy to protect Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion, and much more.

These and various other initiatives like the foundation of State Bank of Mysore, Mysore Iron and steelworks, Government engineering College, Mysore soap factory, etc., have and still are an inspiration to change the world around history still alive in every engineer.  

Why do we celebrate Engineer’s Day?

It is diversely speculated that our lives have been made much easier by engineers. Simplicity has been added to any complicated procedure due to extraordinary engineers. Any task done involves some level of engineering in it. The future is providing things that will be more interesting and novel.

Engineer's day India Significance
Engineer’s day India Significance

The recognition of these constant efforts should be vitalized in front of the world. Our engineers and their accomplishments on an engineering day are essential to celebrate.

Congratulation messages, programs, and social media are used for promotion, poetry, and letters to wish the Happy Engineer’s day.

Engineers Day India Celebrations & Activities

The day is celebrated in memory of Sir Mokeshagundam Viswevaraya, the most outstanding engineer of all time. The day is celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm. A memorial is held at Sir M. V’s birthplace in Muddenahalli, showcasing his awards and titles. His personal belongings like living room, spectacles, cups, books, etc., are also displayed.

The motive of celebrating this day is to inspire the youth of our country towards an engineering career and appreciate the engineers who have contributed to the upliftment of our country.

The activities done at various institutes to celebrate the day allow them to showcase their skills in creative ways. The day is dedicated to those without whom every machine would not be made. Engineers apply techniques of engineering analysis in testing production.

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Facts

  1. A. Lalitha is India’s first electrical engineer. She was also the first female student at CEG, Chennai.
  2. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu is the first female engineer in the world to receive a degree in Engineering.
  3. Mechanical engineering is known as the father, mother, and KingKingall branches of engineering.
  4. Petroleum engineering is the highest-paying profession in India and all over the globe.
  5. Imhotep was the first and most excellent civil engineer of all time.

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Quotes

Engineer's day India Quotes
Engineer’s day Quotes

Engineering is a field that always needs the motivation to succeed & endure. The inspiring Happy Engineer’s day 2021 quotes used to keep  the fire alive are:

“An engineer is someone who is good with figures but doesn’t have the personality of an accountant.”

“Scientists study the known world as it is, engineers, create the world that never has been.”

“The engineer’s problem in any design situation is to search what the problem is.”

Theodore von Karman

“The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.”

James Kip Finch

Happy Engineers Day 2021 Wishes

Even if you are not an engineer, you must have few friends. Share these happy Engineer’s day 2021 wishes with your Engineer friends & make this 15th September special for them.

Engineer's day India Wishes
Engineer’s day India Wishes
  • The revolutionaries or the technologists of our revolving world are wished uniquely as:
  • Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know; future projects decide what we learn.
  • Engineers are the person who discovers the world by their brain and pen, Happy engineers day.
  • The software is an excellent combination of artistry and engineering.
  • The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and work of art.
Happy Engineer's day wishes
Happy Engineer’s day wishes
  • We build the world(Civil Engineer)
  • We make the magic world(Computer Engineer)
  • We connect the world (Electronics and Communication engineers)
  • We are the powers of the World(Electrical engineers)
  • We move the world(Mechanical engineer)
  • Proud To Be an Engineer

Engineering day is celebrated to commemorate the contributions, skills, knowledge portrayed by engineers to make life easy is marked globally and is celebrated with zest and zeal. The day becomes the inspiration to various growing life-changers of the future to be consistent and change the world from their envisions.

Engineer’s Day 2021 FAQs

⦁ When is Engineers Day celebrated in India?

The day is celebrated on September 15 annually, paying tribute to Sir MV for his achievements in the technological world.

⦁ What birthday is celebrated as Engineer’s Day?

Engineer’s day marks the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya, one of India’s most excellent engineers. 

⦁ Who is the 1st engineer of India?

Sir M. Viswervaraya is the first documented Indian  Civil Engineer. He has completed his education from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune, and harnessed Indian society.

⦁ Who is the father of engineering in India?

Sir Mokshagundam viwesvaraya is regarded as the father of Indian engineering because of his enormous contributions and innovations in engineering and the development of society.

Hindi Diwas 2021: Date, Theme, Significance, Quotes & Wishes

Hindi Diwas wishes Quotes 2021

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 : The Hindi Diwas or the Hindi Day is celebrated on 14th September. This day holds a very significant meaning to India & its people. The Hindi Divas marks the adoption of the Hindi language as the official language of the Government of India. It was declared on 14th September 1949. This day is commemorated as a reminder to the people of India about their rich culture, unity & their roots. The Hindi Diwas is also celebrated to remind people of our history & also our official language.

Stay tuned till the end to know more about Hindi Diwas & the significance of the day in India and also do share on your social media as well.

Hindi Diwas 2021

Hindi is known as India’s National Language & is also one of the most broadly spoken languages in all of India. Hindi is also among the top four most spoken languages in the entire world. In the Republic of India, Hindi is one of the 22 prime languages. Every year on this day, the President of India addresses the people who have an immense amount of contribution towards this language with the Rajsabha Award. This ceremony takes place in the Capital of India, Delhi. Hindi Diwas is celebrated in India as a reminder to the people of India of their unity & roots & also to remind us about the struggles & wars which were fought to make this day a reality.

In the year of 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India declared Hindi as the official language of the newly Independent India. This decision was accepted by the entire assembly & then t went forward to be included in the Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950. The Hindi Diwas was first celebrated in 1953.

Hindi Diwas 2021 Date

The Hindi Diwas is one of the most important dates in the history of India, as this was the day when the official language of India was declared. In 2021, the Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September.

Hindi Diwas wishes 2021
Hindi Diwas Wishes

Hindi Diwas 2021 Theme

On 14th September since 1953, we have commemorated the Hindi Diwas every year. Each year a unique theme is decided to celebrate this day. In 2021, the theme of Hindi Diwas is ” New World, New India, New Hindi, ” which has been decided by Hansraj College & Mahakavi Jaishankar Prasad Foundation.

What is Hindi Diwas?

Hindi Diwas, or the Hindi day, is the day that marked the adoption of the Language Hindi By the Government of India. After that day, Hindi was made the official language of India & is also one of the 22 prime languages of India according to the Constitution. The declaration was on 14th September 1949, but the first Hindi Diwas was actually celebrated in 1953. This day is a reminder to all the Indians about their roots & rich cultural heritage. Hindi Diwas is celebrated across many schools, Colleges & Universities where there are cultural programs & competitions for the students to participate in.

On Hindi Diwas, the President of India addresses the people who have contributed to the language with the Rajsabha Award. This function is naturally held in the capital of India, in Vigyan Bhawan.

Why we celebrate Hindi Diwas?

Language is very significant to every soul. By the use of language, we can express our feeling & thoughts. Without a language, it would have been very different for all the species. There are hundreds of languages in the world & every language is important to the person who speaks it as it gives them the chance to express themselves.

Hindi Diwas wishes Images 2021
Happy Hindi Diwas Wishes Images 2021

On 15th August 1947, India became independent after a 200-year long British rule. After Independence, It was essential for a diverse country like India to have its official language as there are a total of 121 languages spoken in India. So, after the Government of India was formed, the Constituent Assembly declared Hindi as India’s official language by a voting system. This is the reason behind the celebration of the Hindi Diwas. It is to remind us about our freedom fighters, our roots & our diverse culture, and how far we have come since our Independence.

5 Facts about Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September to honor India’s official language. Often we observe that behind such a significant day there is remains a rich history & there is no harm in acquiring some extra knowledge about such a ground-breaking event. Here are five facts about Hindi Diwas:

  1. Hindi is an Indo-European or Indo-Aryan language which was spread across the globe in the 19th century.
  2. In 2021, Hindi ranked as the 4th most spoken native language in the world.
  3. There are also other countries where Hindi is spoken apart from India. Some of them are Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK, USA & many more.
  4. There are several words in English that have been derived from Hindi.
  5. Bihar became the first state in India to adopt Hindi as its official language.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Wishes

Hindi is a language that is spoken largely in India and also other countries as well. The 4th most spoken language in the world right now. We celebrate this day on 14th September every year. There are cultural programs organized by many schools & universities all around India on this day, but due to the pandemic this year, it might not be possible to meet physically, but we can always convey our wishes online. Here are some wishes for Hindi Diwas:

Happy Hindi Diwas wishes 2021
Happy Hindi Diwas Wishes 2021
  • Let’s celebrate this beautiful day of literature & harmony together. Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • On such a special day, let’s celebrate the language & those who teach us Hindi. We are indebted to you. Happy Hindi Day.
  • Hindi is our National language & we take pride in it. Happy Hindi Diwas.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 Quotes

Often we fail to realize the power of quotes & the importance they hold. There are quotes that either manage to shake us to the core or leave us dumbfounded. They sometimes manage to stir something inside of you. Here are some quotes you can dedicate to your friends, family, students & teachers:

Hindi Diwas wishes Quotes 2021
Happy Hindi Diwas Quotes 2021

“Hindi remind us about the royalty & the beauty of India.”


“This language is extremely near to our heart & reminds us about the harmony & richness of our culture.”


“Hindi teaches us to be elegant & strong.”


On Hindi Diwas, we remind ourselves of our official language & the sacrifice of those who made it possible. It gives us a unique identity & also teaches about what could be earned if we are united as one. We hope the contents of this article helped you out in knowing this topic. Do share the wishes, quotes, facts & messages on the social media platform. Happy Hindi Diwas 2021 to each & everyone reading this.

(5 Sep) Teacher’s Day 2021 Date, Importance, Speech, Celebrations & Quotes

5 Sep Teachers Day wishes quotes 2021

The Universal festival to honor the mentors of our life is known as teachers day.  The Day is celebrated in regards to appreciating the extraordinary contributions made by teachers in past decades.

The gratitude, respect, love, and hard work are specially recognized on this Day, and the efforts made are applauded on this Day. The Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal worldwide on 5th October. Still, in India, we celebrate Teacher’s day on 5th September every year, tributing the birth anniversary of the former president, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna recipient, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers’ day date 2021

Teachers’ Day is an annual celebration on 5th October commemorating the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

In India, Teachers day is celebrated annually on 5th September, marking the remembrance of Bharat Rat, a recipient of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers’ Day will be celebrated on 5th September 2021 (Sunday).

Happy Teachers Day wishes quotes 2021
Happy Teachers Day wishes quotes 2021

Teachers’ Day is the well-deserved applause and respect and affection towards teachers. The Day is celebrated to realize the teachers’ actual roles and efforts to help make our ideal world. The essence of utmost responsibility and turning over every milestone is understood. The issues and encouragement and the happiness earned are spread.

What is teachers Day?

Teachers are near to God; they are the soul of the classroom. Children learn their values, morality, life lessons, and good deeds from their teachers from an early age. Teachers are the role models for the students. Teachers are indeed paying service in the form of lifetime devotion in building up the minds of the younger generation.

Teachers’ Day plays a significant role in every student’s life. This is the Day when the tribute is given with the utmost zest, and students prepare various types of extracurricular activities and creative programs to thank their teachers for their valuable learnings.

Happy Teachers Day wishes Images 2021
Happy Teachers Day wishes Images 2021

Why Teacher’s Day is celebrated?

Teachers day is celebrated to remember the birth anniversary of a renowned scholar, recipient of Bharat Ratna, first Vice- President, and second President of Independent India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Future lies in the hands of a country’s younger generation. Teachers as mentors can carve the younger age into future leaders and shape a country’s destiny.

The hard work, determination, strength, courage, and sincere effort executed by a teacher are cherished. The teacher is the only person who shapes who we become, and the most successful is their constant motivation.

Happy Teachers Day 2021
Happy Teachers Day 2021

This Day is celebrated to honor the teachers’ sweat in the field of education. Apart from being a thinker, a teacher always has to be a philosopher as he is the person who emphasizes presentation to converge different currents of thoughts to the same end.

Importance of teachers’ Day

As wisely said by Narendra Modi, “Teaching is not a profession, a way of life.” Teachers’ Day is a celebration uttering joy to both ends. Teacher and students both wait for the Day to celebrate with zest and zeal as everyone once is a teacher. In India, teachers’ Day is the importance of a bond between the teacher and a student over time. The divineness and the enlightenment of the Vishwaguru.

Dr.  S.Radhkrishnan’s bond and contribution to the educational field have become an inspiration for everyone to be a positive contribution to education. The importance of teachers’ Day is to relate to divineness. 

Teachers’ day Celebrations in India

The Day is celebrated on 5th September annually on the birth anniversary of Dr. S.Radhakrishnan. The Day was chosen to respect his efforts and his dedication in bringing revolution to the teaching sector of India.

Happy Teachers day wishes 2021
Happy Teachers day wishes 2021

The Day is celebrated with traditional methods of cards, gifts, and speeches. However, the Day was made more joyous with flowers and small tributes to teachers through various cultural and creative activities.

Various schools allow senior students to become teachers, take classes on teachers’ behalf, and face the challenges overstepped by the teachers every Day.

The celebrations help teachers with positive energy and gather applause for their hidden successes. The particular Day remarks the bond of a teacher with infinite devotion.  

5 Sep Teachers day 2021 speech

A warm welcome to all gathered over here. Today, we all have assembled to celebrate the special occasion and honor the endless efforts put in by the Shapers of the World – Teachers.

Teachers day is celebrated to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of the 2nd President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a distinguished scholar, and an excellent teacher.

Today, 5th September is celebrated as the Teachers day to heartily tribute the strenuous efforts of making the future. Teachers provide the utmost knowledge and importance of education through continuous efforts. Teachers are not just the source of inspiration but are also the backbone of society. They make us strong to withstand any obstacle of life.

Let’s say it together that ‘ our respected teachers, we are always grateful to you for all you do for us.’

Thank You

Happy Teachers Day 2021 Quotes

Happy Teachers Day quotes 2021
Happy Teachers Day quotes 2021

On the honorable occasion of teachers day, various quotes have been penned by respected people to dedicate to their teachers; they are:

  • “It is the foremost art of the teacher to arise joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein
  • “Education is the manifestation of perfection existing in a man” – Swami Vivekananda
  • “Technology is just a tool. Kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates.
  • “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.” – Barack Obama.
  • “One good teacher in a lifetime changes a delinquent into a solid citizen.” – Philip Wylie.
5 Sep Teachers Day wishes quotes 2021
5 Sep Teachers Day wishes quotes 2021

Teachers’ Day is a reminder of the consistency our teachers keep and their contributions in shaping our future. The Day is the tribute to their devotion and being the support system directly or indirectly for a child’s success.

Teacher’s Day FAQs

What is the actual date of teachers’ Day?

Teachers day is a global celebration. It is celebrated on 5th October around the world.

In India, it is celebrated on 5th September annually on Dr. Sarvepalli Padhakrishnan, a scholar and an enthusiastic teacher.

Who is Sarvepalli Radhakrisnhnan?

Teachers day is celebrated to glorify the birth anniversary of a renowned scholar, recipient of Bharat Ratna, first Vice- President, and second President of Independent India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

What is right, Teacher’s Day or teachers Day?

The correct way to use the apostrophe is Teachers’ Day.

Who invented teachers Day?

Teachers’ Day was invented when some students of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday.

Instead of allowing them, he asked them to celebrate it as teachers’ Day, which would give him the privilege.

What is the best message for teachers’ Day?

Teachers’ Day’s best message is that teachers form a significant part of life at every step. They play an essential role in shaping the students’ lives by educating them and guiding them to the right path.

World Sanskrit day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Significance, Facts & Quotes

World Sanskrit Day Quotes 2021

World Sanskrit day 2021: World Sanskrit Day or Viswa Samskrita Dinam is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima (Full moon day) in the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar. It is an annual event focused on the ancient Indian language, and it incorporates lectures aimed to promote its revival and maintenance. The day essentially remarks on the importance of learning and knowing the language.

The festival is celebrated globally to enrich the tremendous Indian culture through the most ancient language. Various seminars, cultural programs, and workshops are organized to spread awareness of the language.

World Sanskrit Day 2021 Date

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated on the Shraavana Poornima in the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar. Therefore, world Sanskrit Day 2021 is observed on 22nd August 2021 (Sunday).

World Sanskrit day 2021 theme

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated with reminiscence, the article to get in touch with the ancient Indian heritage. Moreover, the day brings back the importance of the language with well-defined grammar.

World Sanskrit Day 2021

The 3500 years old language, a computer-friendly language, needs to be revived and thus is the main motive to celebrate the day. Many European and non- European countries are raising their knowledge of the language. It connects to the rich heritage of India and its history as Rigveda is written in this Vedic language.

World Sanskrit Day history

The language draws its origin to India and is derived from the prefix ‘Sam,’ meaning ‘Samyak’ indicating ‘entirely’ and ‘krit’ indicating ‘done.’ The day was first celebrated in1969. It spreads awareness to restore the ancient Indian language. The day includes events like seminars embarking on the values and development of the language.

The language is also called Dev Vani(God’s speech), as, in Hindu culture, puja and mantras are recited in the Sanskrit language. It is believed that God Brahma had generated the language.

The language is classified into two different periods, the Vedic and Classical. Vedic Sanskrit is found mainly in the Rig Veda, the Puranas, and the Upanishads.

Why do we celebrate Sanskrit Day?

The significance behind celebrating Sanskrit Day is to make people understand the cultural richness of the language. It is considered the first language in India, and people practicing it are deteriorating enormously. Therefore, the celebrations carry a great significance for the use of language. The holy language’s existence is on its brim as other languages are considered superior; the day signifies and is a reminder to connect and regenerate the essence of Sanskrit and the richness of Indian culture.

The celebrations are encouraged to rejoice in the language and to promote its consideration.

World Sanskrit Day 2021 celebrations in India

The day is celebrated across the country. On this day, Sanskrit Kavi Sammelan, writer’s seminar, students’ speech, recitation competition, etc., are organized. The Scholars of this language are invited, and more knowledge about the Vedic language is spread.

World Sanskrit Day India 2021

On this day, thoughts written in Sanskrit are shared to spread the richness of the language; students write “teachers day quotes in Sanskrit” to make an impact and celebrate it with others.

The day is celebrated to enlighten society, the importance and the necessity of Sanskrit.

World Sanskrit Day 2021 Facts

The Sanskrit language belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch, but there are some facts unknown about the language; here are some:

  •  Using Sanskrit, we can express ourselves in fewer words
  •  Sanskrit language has the most extensive vocabulary
  •  Sanskrit is used in Classical music, the Carnatic and the Hindustani
  •  Mattur village in Shimoga district in Karnataka is a place where everyone speaks Sanskrit
  •  Sudharma is the only Sanskrit newspaper in the world

World Sanskrit day 2021 Quotes

The beauty of World Sanskrit Day is not only embarked just by the language but by the quotes used to embrace it deep in our hearts. Some of the best quotes to spread on Sanskrit Day are:

World Sanskrit Day Quotes 2021


Vyaptam Yena Characharam

Tatpadam Darshitam Yena

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

Agyana Timir-andhasya

Gnyananjana Shalakaya

Chakshur-oonmeelitam Yena

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

Sthavaram Jangamam Vyaptam

Yat Kinchita Sacharachacharam

Tatpadam Darshitam Yena

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah

Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

Gyana Shakti Samaroodha

Tatvamala vibhooshitah

Bhukti-mukti Pradata cha

Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

The historical language has a greater significance than seen and has enriched India’s culture. Sanskrit Day is helping to restore the richness of the Indian culture and restore the use and importance of the holy language used since ancient times with its excellent literature and structural grammar; the language is computer-friendly and enriches India’s culture and vibrancy to the world.


  • Who declared World Sanskrit Day?

The government of India announced Sanskrit Day in 1969 to revive and spread awareness of the language.

  • What is the theme of World Sanskrit Day 2021?

The theme of World Sanskrit Day is to restore them and maintain the Sanskrit language, the language with the most extensive vocabulary, which attributes to India’s rich culture.

  • When is World Sanskrit Diwas 2021?

World Sanskrit Diwas 2021 is on 22nd August 2021 (Sunday) on the Shraavana Poornima(Full moon day) in the month of Shraavana in the Hindu calendar.

Independence Day India 2021 Date, History, Significance, Celebrations & Wishes

Happy Indian Independence Day 2021 Wishes

Independence Day is a glorious day of the Indian history. India was under the colonial rule of the British government for 200 years. After enormous struggles India got its independence on 15th August 1947. We celebrate this day by giving honour and respect to our freedom fighters who contributed for our independence and our freedom from the British Rule. People also feel proud for being the citizen of this country. Partition of India and Pakistan also took place that year which was a forced and painful decision for the Indians.

Independence Day India Date

Independence Day in India is celebrated on 15th August every year. As on the strike on midnight the same day, the first prime minister of India has hosted the tricolor flag at red fort.

History of Independence Day India

All this began, when the English traders came to India in 16th century. They established the East India Company to rule and dominate on India. In 1757, Battle of Plassey took place among the East India Company, the Nawab of Bengal and the French Allies. The war ended with the victory of the East India Company and their seizure on Bengal. After occupying Bengal, one by one they colonised the whole of India. The East India Company dominated India for 100 years and the Indian Mutiny was taken over by the British Crown during 1857-58. The people of India became violent and started to rebel against the British Raj. 

Happy Independence Day 2021 India
Happy Independence Day 2021 India

During the First World War, an Indian Independence Movement was organised by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi well known as Mahatma Gandhi, to fight against the Britishers. After this movement he also started the Non- Cooperation Movement, the Non – Violent Movement and the Civil Disobedient movement. The people of India began to show courage and spirit of patriotism against the Britishers.

Our freedom fighters and the people of India both were challenging the laws and rules made by the Britishers, by breaking and disobeying it. Freedom fighters who lost their lives for our freedom, some of them were Rani Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai and more than 250, 00 people also died for our nation. A feeling of proud and sorrow both arise for their sacrifices for the nation. 

But after the Second World War, the rule of the British Government started to fall. Then Gandhi Ji started a movement called the Quit India Movement in August 1942. This led to mass violence in the country but this was enough to make the Britishers helpless and leave India. The British Government declared in early 1947 that they will hand over all the powers to the Indians in June, 1948. But the Hindu- Muslim dispute got miserable in Bengal and Punjab.

The Partition of India and Pakistan was planned after observing this dispute. After the partition India will be freed from their rule as the British Government said. Some of our leaders like B. R. Ambedkar, Abdul Kalam Azad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammad Ali Jinnah accepted their conditions and the Partition was done on 3rd June 1947.

Then on 15th of August 1947, India got freedom from the British Rule. Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru hosted the Indian flag on the Lahori Gate of Red Fort in New Delhi. He also delivered a speech on “Tryst and Destiny” to the Constituent Assembly of the Parliament. The speech was based on the sacrifices of the past and a great vision for future. All the struggles were worthy enough to be done. It was such a painful and sorrowful period for every Indian but at the same time we feel proud and gratified for our hard and painful struggles.

Significance of Independence Day India

On this remarkable day we give tribute to our heroic freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. If these freedom fighters didn’t inspire us to fight for ourselves, we would have never got freedom from the British rule. Independence Day motivates us to serve for our motherland, India. Independence Day reminds us of the sacrifices, unity, bravery and admiration of every citizen of India during the time of Independence.

The feeling of patriotism is the first feeling every Indian should have in their heart and mind because it is a part on everyone. It teaches us unity, brotherhood and sense of sacrifice for our country. Patriotism will make us noble and the feeling of distress will disappear.

The National flag of India signifies us unity and brotherhood for our nation. It is called the “Tiranga Jhanda” which means the Tricolour Flag. The horizontal flag consists of three colours saffron, white and green. Saffron stands for sacrifice, bravery and denial. White represents truth, clarity and purity. Green denotes greenery, life and dignity. In the centre a wheel called “Chakra” with 24 spokes is also present, which denotes time of twenty-four hours and motion. This wheel is also seen in Ashoka’s pillar made by the Mauryan King Ashoka of 3rd century BC.

Happy Independence Day Celebrations

We celebrate Independence Day in a magnificent manner. Every year the Prime Minister hosts the flag of India and the President give a speech for the nation on Red Fort it is followed by the national anthem. A parade is organised by the different states, Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Many cultural programmes are also organised. People distribute sweets among themselves.

In schools Independence Day programmes are held to honour our freedom fighters. The students dress up like our freedom fighters and give speech for them; they sing and on perform patriotic songs. The whole school is decorated with Indian flags. In some places people also organise flag hosting. Indians fly kites on this day printed with the designs of our national flag. The whole country submerges in the colours of patriotism and pride. Patriotic films are also watched by the people to celebrate this day. It is a national holiday that is celebrated in India with full enthusiasm and passion of patriotism.

There are many patriots who are not named in the history of India but played a major role for its struggles. This day is also celebrated to give them honour and respect for their sacrifices. Today we are freed from the forced leadership of Britishers but we are still the slaves of poverty, unemployment and corruption. The people of India should again reunite and fight against these demons and free India from it. This will lead to betterment and advancement of our spectacular country India. This year we will celebrate the 75th Independence Day of India. So this year we will celebrate it with full spirit and enthusiasm.

Happy Indian Independence Day 2021 Wishes

The amount of pride every Indian has while hoisting the tricolored flag on this special day is impeccable. But due to this pandemic situation, it is essential to maintain social distancing. But even if you can wish your loved ones and friends on this day in person, you can always be just a text away from them. So, send some good, heartfelt wishes on this fantastic day of Independence and make them feel that you haven’t forgotten them this year too. So, here are some wishes for you to send to your friends and family.

Happy Indian Independence Day 2021 Wishes
Happy Indian Independence Day 2021 Wishes

On this particular day, wishing you that the dreams of a new tomorrow come true, may your day be filled with patriotic spirit!

Never forget the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters who helped to make this country accessible. Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is the time to feel proud of our country. So let us all celebrate this day with pride. Jai Hind!

Freedom comes at a cost & we hope that our generation never forgets that. Let us celebrate 75th independence day on 15 August 2021 in high spirits & never forget the sacrifices of our martyrs. Happy Independence Day 2021 to India.

Happy Canada Day 2021 Date, History, Celebrations, Quotes & Wishes 

Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes Wishes

Happy Canada Day 2021 Wishes: As we know that every country celebrates its national holiday with the same excitement every year. They pay respect to people who fought for the independence of the country. Canada day is celebrated every year on 1 July, and it is known as the national day of Canada. Canadian people love to celebrate this day with various programs, and the Canadian people who live abroad also try to celebrate this day with joy. 

This day is also called Dominion day because, on this day, the three separate colonies in the British Empire got united, which are Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. This grand occasion happened on 1 July 1867 and the uniting of three separate colonies called Canada. This day is also celebrated as a historical and cultural day. 

Canada Day Date 2021

Canada day was celebrated in 1867 for the first time, and it is also known as the birthday of Canada. This day was honored as the celebration of the constitution act, which stated the unity of three separate colonies. You should know that every year this day is celebrated with various events, and if Canada day falls on Sunday or any other holiday, then it is celebrated on the next day. Consider if on 1 July is Sunday then the Canada day will be celebrated on 2 July. 

The government of Canada generally build a building on the occasion of the 50th and 60th anniversary of the unification of the three separate colonies. Every year different contests and events are organized by the various organizations in Canada to have fun. Families also spend their holiday by going picnic and telling their kids about the history of Canada. In the year 2021, this day will be celebrated on Thursday, and due to the last year’s pandemic situation, the fireworks are coming back this year. 

Canada Day History and Significance 

When it comes to the independence day of a particular country, you can only hear about the fights and the bloodshed for the independence of the country. But fortunately for Canada, that was not the case. The unification idea was discussed between the North American colonies in the mid-1800s, and on 1 July 1867, the unification of the North American colonies act was passed by the British Parliament. And the act will also lead to an independent Canada with the unity of three separate colonies. 

Happy Canada Day 2021
Happy Canada Day 2021

This day was celebrated as Dominion day till 1982 because in the year 1982, the day was renamed Canada Day, and it is declared as the national day of Canada. Dominion day was first established in 1879, but it was not celebrated by many Canadian people because they believed that they were British citizens. When the 50th anniversary of Canada day was celebrated in 1917, then that year, this day was becoming more popular, and it has been honored by Canadian people with different traditions. 

This day is celebrated by arranging concerts which will represent the history and culture of Canada. People also love to enjoy the time with their family on this day. The Canada day name was adopted by the British Parliament in the year 1982. 

5 Facts About Canada Day

Canada day is not only known for the gathering of people and meeting friends and family. It is about the history of the country before the Confederation of the colonies. There are several facts that you don’t know about Canada day. Canadian people generally celebrate this day by enjoying the show of fireworks. 

Following are some facts that should know about Canada Day and the history of Canada:- 

  • In the mid-1800s, the Confederation of three British colonies has occurred, but in 1867, Canada was still a British colony. The political power of the British Parliament on Canada has eventually settled day by day after the unification. Canada also becomes more independent after the Confederation. 
  • The royal family of the British Empire also visited Canada several times to celebrate Canada day. Queen Elizabeth 2nd also visited Canada several times to celebrate the grand occasion. 
  • In 1980, the national anthem of Canada, which is known as the “O Canada,” has become the official national anthem of Canada on 1 July. 
  • The programs or concerts related to Dominican day and the culture of Canada were telecast on television for the first time in the 1960s. 
  • Canada day is mainly celebrated because to give tribute to the Canadian’s rights, responsibility, and freedom. 

Happy Canada Day 2021 Celebrations

When it comes to the celebrations of Canada day, there are no such standards that are celebrating Canada day. Most of the time, communities celebrate this day by arranging outdoor programs, parades, fireworks, dinner, barbecues, etc. The government will also organize citizenship programs and free musical concerts. 

Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes

Following are the famous quotes that are used on Canada day to increase the excitement of the day:

Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes
Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes

Canada is the only land where you can find equality, justice, and tolerance in the same amount. 

Canada is well-known for its qualities, such as they know how to live without an identity. 

Canadian people will never show their pride for their country on the sleeves, but they have in the deep heart which matters. 

Happy Canada Day 2021 Wishes

Happy Canada Day 2021 Wishes
Happy Canada Day 2021 Wishes

  • Be grateful because you belong to a country that is growing and prosperous in every aspect. We are also blessed to be in an independent and free country. 
  • 1 July is the day of happiness and unity so let’s celebrate this day with great joy with everyone around you. Arrange the get-together parties at your home. 
  • Freedom is the most significant gift that you ever will get, and on this day, you should celebrate the day with your family and friends, and cheers to that. 


What does Canada Day mean?

Canada is the national holiday of Canada, and it is also known as the birthday of Canada. On this, Canadian people celebrate the unity of the separate North American colonies. 

Is Canada Day is like the 4th of July? 

4th of July is the independence day of the USA, which is celebrated by the citizens of the USA to give respect to the people who fought for independence. On the other hand, Canada day is celebrated for the unity and freedom of the country. 

When did Canada Day become a holiday?

In the year 1879, because of federal law, this day is declared as the statutory holiday as the anniversary of Canada. 

How old is Canada this year, 2021? 

In the year 2021, Canada is turning 153 years old, and every year the anniversary of Canada is celebrated on 1 July, 2021 with excitement and happiness. 

Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes Wishes
Happy Canada Day 2021 Quotes Wishes

Vesak day 2021 Celebrations Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA & Indonesia

Happy Vesak Day Wishes

Vesak day 2021 Celebrations: Buddhists around the world celebrate Vesak day to commemorate Gautam Buddha’s birthday. The day is also known as Wesak Day, Buddha Purnima or Buddha’s Birthday. For 2021, Vesak Day falls on 26th May.

Let us read more about Vesak Day 2021 and how the day is celebrated around the globe. Do not forget to check out our collection of heart-warming wishes about Vesak Day 2021. You can share those wishes with your loved ones and post them through all your social media handles.

Vesak Day 2021

Vesak Day celebrates not only the Birthday of Buddha, but also Enlightenment and Passing of Buddha. According to Chinese lunar calendar the day is observed on the full moon in fourth month. In Gregorian calendar the day typically falls in May or April. In India, it is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. Check Buddha Purnima Wishes 2021 for your loved ones here.

Now due to different Buddhist cultures, the day is sometimes celebrated on different dates in different countries. If there are two full moons during May, then some countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia celebrates the day on first full moon, while other countries like Thailand and Singapore do so on the second full moon. Such differences arise due to different local lunar observance.

For 2021, the Vesak Day is set to be celebrated on 26st May.  

Vesak Day Celebrations 2021

Vesak Day is a very important festival to Buddhists. On this day many followers and devoted Buddhists come together and host the honourable Buddhist flag as the sun rises. Devotees also decorate temples with flags and flowers. In evenings, many candle lit processions are organised. Devotees are also encouraged to do good and charitable deeds on Vesak Day to commemorate the teachings of Buddha.

Happy Vesak Day Celebrations 2021
Happy Vesak Day Celebrations 2021

Vesak Day celebrations are seen in different countries such as Nepal, Singapore, Australia, UK, Malaysia etc. In Nepal, which is Buddha’s birthplace, celebrations are seen widely across the Kathmandu Valley. Prayers and talks are held in monasteries to spread the morals of Buddha.

Due to difference in culture and history, every country has some of their own traditions when it comes to celebrating Vesak. We will talk about it in brief, so make sure to read till the end.

Vesak Day 2021 Singapore

In Singapore Vesak Day is observed as a holiday. In Buddhist monasteries of Singapore pilgrims gather and practise the “three-step, one-bow” ritual. Devotees climb steps on their knees, and bow once after every three steps. This practise is believed to bring them peace and good health.

Happy Vesak Day Celebrations
Happy Vesak Day Celebrations

Vesak Day 2021 Malaysia

After Islam, Buddhism is the second largest religion in Malaysia. So, it’s no wonder that Malaysia has also made Vesak Day a public holiday. Large processions are seen in Kuala Lumpur with traditional lion and dragon dances. If you are a sucker of such large colourful parades, then you might want to check out the seven kilometre long float Vesak Day celebratory procession at Georgetown in Penang. This procession has been happening annually since 1949.

Vesak Day 2021 Australia

Buddhism is a minority religion in Australia.  Even so, during Vesak Federation Square of Australia bustle with people. A multicultural festival is organised with more than 40 events, cultural programs are held. One of the most attractive parts of the day has to be thrilling dragon boat sprint race along the Yarra River. You must not miss it if you are celebrating Vesak in Australia.  In 2020, Australia conducted online celebrations which included Buddhist chants, prayers and messages from high authorities.

Vesak Day 2021 in UK

Buddhism is a very new religion to arrive in United Kingdom. As most Buddhists live in London, Vesak celebrations are also seen widely in that area. People in United Kingdom celebrate Vesak by going to local temples and chanting prayers. On this day, they wear white clothing and practice meditations.

Vesak Day 2021 in USA

Buddhists from all culture and linage come together to celebrate Vesak Day. In Washington DC, local temples formed a ‘International Buddhist Committee’ which plan the international Vesak celebrations. Other cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles also have such organisations.

Vesak Day 2021 in Indonesia

Indonesia has its own unique tradition when it comes to Vesak. Thousands of Buddhists gather at Borobudur Temple of Indonesia which is the world’s largest temple. There the monks celebrate the day with bottling holy water and transporting flames. At evening, they release lanterns in the sky. Glistening lanterns fill the night sky and illuminate the surroundings. It is truly a sight to behold.

Vesak Day Celebrations
Vesak Day Celebrations

Other than these countries, Mayanmar, Sri Lanka, Burma and many other countries has their own traditional ways to celebrate Vesak Day 2021. It is quite unfortunate that a global pandemic is raging on. We do not know if any extravagant celebrations or rallies will be conducted in 2021 or not. The celebrations for Vesak Day 2021 will be regulated by the Government of respected countries.

Happy Vesak Day 2021 wishes for friends & Family

The sole purpose of celebrating Vesak is to remember the teachings of Buddha and spread love and compassion. The easiest way to do that is to share some wishes about Vesak Day 2021. Here are some wishes you can share with your friends and family.

Happy Vesak Day Wishes
Happy Vesak Day Wishes

  • Happy Vesak Day. Wishing that peace and tranquillity be by your side. Today and always.
  • As we honour the birth, enlightenment and passing of Lord Buddha, we can all be inspired by his teachings. Happy Vesak Day.
  • Happy Vesak Day 2021. Let us pray for peace and harmony for all the humankind on this auspicious day.

Happy Vesak Day Images
Happy Vesak Day Images

Buddha was a man who had achieved true wisdom, compassion and freedom from suffering. His teachings included respect for all life, honestly and liberation. On this Vesak Day we hope people continue to spread his messages of love and tranquillity.

We hope that you liked reading this article about Vesak Day 2021. Check Happy Buddha Purnima Status 2021Buddha Purnima Wishes Images. Do not forget to share Vesak Day 2021 wishes with your loved ones. Remember to mask up properly and maintain safety precautions if you are to go out to celebrate this Vesak Day 2021.