20+ Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari 2021 & Special Status for brother & sister

Raksha Bandhan Ke Liye Kuch Shayari 1 2021

Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari 2021: Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the purest bond between a brother and a sister. It is a day of excitement that a sister keeps fast for his brother from morning until she ties rakhi in her brother’s hand and puts tilak-Chandan (sandalwood) on his forehead. Thus, the day, a sister prays for her brother’s long life and the most satisfactory bond between them.

Celebrating this day without making a post doesn’t make it appropriate. But, sharing the excitement, enjoyment, love, and bond between a sister and a brother on that day will gain everyone’s attraction and love. So let’s crowd the social media with the most beautiful frames, and we’re here to help you out with Raksha-Bandhan Shayari’s status, quotes.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari 2021

Raksha-Bandhan is two separate words, where ‘Raksha’ means ‘to protect’ and ‘Bandhan’ means ‘bond’. In Indian ethics, it is said that a brother’s responsibility is to protect his sister at any cost and a sister’s responsibility is also to save her brother at any cost. So let’s share this beautiful bond of Raksha Bandhan with beautiful Shayari’s.

Raksha Bandhan Ke Liye Kuch Shayari 2021

  • The relationship between us, is like 2 rainbows. That share 7 colors: Secret, Loyalty, Sadness, Faith, Happiness, Respect, and Love.
  • Rakhi is a thread that, binds two different souls, in a beautiful bond of joy forever.
  • The bond that we share, is precious and rare, build on trust and nurtured with love.
  • Today, I remember with joy, the unique life we share and wishing you happiness and good luck.

Best Raksha Bandhan Status Line

Since then, a younger sister born or a brother, from the day an Indian mother starts her journey of teaching them the Raksha-Bandhan bond. The mother says that an older sister or a brother always shares a guardian, a friend, and support. That’s your responsibility to protect each other. So let’s share these beautiful ethics and love with Raksha-Bandhan in WhatsApp status and others.

  • A relationship that has fought has trust, faith, love, and tears, that is, the purest relationship between us.
  • A love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest human beings.
  • Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate an emotional bonding between a brother and a sister.
  • It is the day to celebrate our bond of love, the day to thank God for sending us as brother and sister.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari in Hindi

The relationship between a brother and a sister is fascinating. They share a special bond that contains fighting, annoying, irritating, also loving, and caring. However, they do share everything and keep secrets. Let’s explain this through Shayari’s of what you feel.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari in Hindi 2021

  • Neend Apni Bhulaa Kar Sulaaye Humko, Aansu Apne Gira Kar Hasaye Sabko, Dard Kabhi Na Dena Us Mahaan Avtaar ko. Rakhi ki Badhai Didi.
  • Yaad Aata Hai Aksar Wo Guzra Jamana, Teri Meethi Si Awaj Me Bhaiya Kehkar Bulana!  Wo School Ke Liye Subha Mujhko Jagana,  Aai Hai Rakhi Lekar Didi,  Yahi Hai Bhai-Bahan Ke Pyar Ka Tarana!!
  • Aaj mere liye kuch khas hai, Tere haatho mein mera haath hai, Mujhe bhai hone ka ehsas hai, Din hai pyaara Raksha-Bandhan ka, Meri haath hain toh, sab kuch mere pas hai.

Raksha Bandhan ke liye kuch Shayari

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of a brother and sister which is celebrated in every house in India. Indians celebrate it as a special day. In Raksha-Bandhan, brother-sister both also shares gifts. But, ultimately, this is the day they both wait. So, let’s share this day with beautiful Shayari’s in Hindi on social media.

Raksha Bandhan Ke Liye Kuch Shayari 1 2021


  • Rishtey k dhaago ka hain yeh, Mathey par chamke chawal, roli aur Chandan, Pyaar se mithai khilaye pyari behena, Dekh ise chalak uthi aankhe & Bhar aaya man.
  • Humare khubiyoh ko acchi seh janti hai behene, Humare kamiyo ko bhi pehechante hai behene, Phir bhi hume sabse jiyada manti hai behene.
  • Ye lamha kuch khas hai, Behen ke haath mei bhai ka haath hai, Tera bhai humesa tere saath hai.
  • Taaro seh bhi na tuthte, ye aisa man bandhan hai, Ish bandhan ko saari duniya, Keheti Raksha-Bandhan hai.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Status for sister

In India, a brother thinks that a sister is a special gift to him. From the day she is born, the brother takes the oath to protect her from any circumstances. The love between them grows incredible every day.

People say it shares an unbreakable bond. After parents, they will be the ones to support each other. A Brother loves being cared for by his sister. So let’s make us also feel special on this day of Raksha-Bandhan by sharing special status for her.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Status for sister 2021

  • Sister cares and shares her feelings, and she hears the unspoken words. She understands the invisible pain. I love my sister.
  • Sister, You Are Like a Fragrant Rose. Sister, You Are The Greatest Gift Of Life. Sister, You Lift My Spirit To Newer Heights. Sister, You Make Me Feel Special Always. Happy Raksha Bandhan to My Lovely Sister.
  • I wish you all the love and health on this auspicious Raksha-Bandhan Day. I love you always, my sweetest sister. Happy Rakhi.
  • You are the perfect annoying sister without whom I cannot imagine my life. So keep on annoying me like that, my lovely sister—happy rakhi 2021.Raksha Bandhan Shayari in Hindi for sister 2021

Raksha Bandhan one line Status

The bond between siblings can also be explained in one line. Let’s share you with few ideas about these. First of all, meaningful words in a line can also explain everything. A bond between a brother and a sister is also easy to explain because they spend a lot of time with each other. They know each other and can easily catch each other’s moves.

Raksha Bandhan one line Status 2021

  • When mom and dad don’t understand, a sister always will. Happy Raksha-Bandhan.
  • Sometimes, being a brother is even better than being a superhero.
  • Blooming the love of siblingship forever.
  • Cheers to the siblingship bond.

Happy Raksha Bandhan special status

Teasing each other is most common in today’s siblings. However, many things are uncommon in this relationship, like fights with each other and ‘fights for each other. So, let’s share this special bonding in our status to celebrate this day.

Happy Raksha Bandhan special status 2021

  • To my Extremely Lovable & Kanjoos Brother. Just Kidding as Always. “Happy Raksha Bandhan”
  • We gain and lose things every day, but trust me on one thing, you’ll never lose me. I will always be there for you. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
  • Sharing my chocolates with my monster brother. P.S. Just for Rakhi Day.
  • I promise you to annoy you forever, my little munchkin.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari for brother

Honestly, Indian brothers are very protective and possessive of their sisters. They know everything about their sister what they do? Where do they go? But they do not interfere because they also share a relation of friendship. So let’s share these pure bonds in social media with these Raksha-Bandhan Shayari’s.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari for brother 2021

  • From the first friend of mine, Who is loving me since the day I opened my eyes. Love you, big bro.
  • Sometimes a friend and sometimes a guardian, Scolds me on my Mistakes, Teaches me my Faults, Teases me annoyingly, Irritates me like anything, but, Love me more than his life. Happy Raksha Bandhan, Bhaiya.
  • When someone asks me, Who’s more possessive with you? I answer it’s none rather than my brother.
  • When no one will stand beside you, A brother will always be. Happy rakhi to you, brother.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari Status 2021

Shayari explains the inner love for your brother or your sister written in words. So if you’re finding different Shayari’s to put in your status in Raksha-Bandhan, you can pick one Raksha Bandhan Shayari Status easily from here.

Raksha Bandhan Shayari Status 2021

  • Your presence gives me the support to be free because I have a brother to protect me. Love you so much, big bro.
  • You and I, Defines the strongest bond in the world, No one can break us apart, As we will never be ready to be.
  • Rakhi is the day, made for us, Lucky to get you in life, It gave me the opportunity, To tie the holy thread on your wrist, Which defines an unbreakable bond.
  •  I love to disturb you and also to annoy you, I also love to complain about you, and also fight with you. But also, I love you more than anything and am always ready to Protect you from any circumstances. Happy Raksha-Bandhan, brother.

Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion or a festival to celebrate in India, to make the purest bond and love of siblings for a lifetime by protecting each other in any situation or circumstances. They share an unbreakable bond of mind. So let’s celebrate this special day together. Let’s thank God and our parents for allowing us to celebrate this day and send us as brother and sister. Enjoying sharing the Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021 Shayari & one line Special status with your brother or sister. A very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021.


Ramzan Mubarak Images Wishes 2021: Dua, DP, Shayari, Status in Urdu, Hindi

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Images Wishes Pehla Jumma

Ramzan Mubarak Images Wishes 2021: Ramzan , commonly spelled as Ramadan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, or even Ramathan, known to be the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar, where the Muslims are known to perform a month long fasting, where the fasting begins from the time of sunrise and ends at sunset. The observance of Ramadan or synonymously used Ramadan, is considered to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The five pillars are :

  1. Shahada ( profession of faith)
  2. Salat ( prayer)
  3. Zakat ( almsgiving)
  4. Sawm ( fasting)
  5. Hajj ( pilgrimage)

Ramazan falls under Sawm.

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This article will provide you a basic introduction on the celebration of Ramazan, Ramadan or Ramathan, along with some of the images which can be used to wish your Muslim friends or anyone else on this special occasion of Ramazan. You can also set your Ramazan special, WhatsApp or Facebook Display picture (DP), for the grand month of Ramadan from the images below that are available for free download. Also do not miss out the collection of  some amazing and eye catching shayaris in Urdu and Hindi . We hope to make your wishing simpler, this Ramadan 2021.

Ramazan ul Mubarak 2021

Ramazan or Ramzan starts from the evening of 12th of April  ( Monday), this year 2021. The fasting will continue for one month and will end in the evening of 12th May (Wednesday).

According to the rich culture of Islam, Ramadan commemorates the time when Quran- the holy book of the Muslims was revealed to Prophet Muhammad for the first time. It is a belief of the Muslims that in 610 AD, the Quran was revealed to the prophet by Angel Gabriel. The fasting is performed as an act of worship, dedication and prayer. The Muslims consider it as a way to get more closer to God as it is prescribed in the Quran , that a all day long fasting is to be kept for the mature and healthy individuals.

Beautiful-Ramzan Mubarak images 2021
Beautiful-Ramzan Mubarak images 2021

The word Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word “ar-ramad”, which means “ the scorching heat of the sun”. Two things that are used a symbol of Ramzan are the Ramadan Lantern and the delicious Qatayef, which is a special kind of dessert item.

Ramadan Kareem” is the most commonly used phrase used for wishing someone in this Ramzan period , where the direct translation tells us of a “ Generous Ramadan”. Although “Ramadan Mubarak” is also a common phrase for wishing nowadays.

During this period of fasting , the Muslims not only refrain from food and beverages, but also from products of tobacco, sexual relationships and also from any sort of a sinful activity or practice.

Beautiful Ramzan Mubarak Images Wishes 2021

Want your closed ones to feel blessed on this special occasion Ramazan?  The pandemic situation standing as a barrier to wishing them in person? Want to share Ramzan Mubarak Images Wishes 2021 with family & friends?

Then you should definitely  not miss the chance of wishing them over social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or even Instagram. Share these beautiful images on Ramazan / Ramadan/ Ramathan/ Ramdan with your family, friends and your near and dear ones and make them feel blessed. You can also use these images as the wallpaper of your phones or laptops or get it printed for for any personalized item.

Beautiful Ramzan Mubarak images 2021
Beautiful Ramzan Mubarak images 2021
Urdu Chand mubarak images 2021 for friends family
Urdu Chand mubarak images 2021 for friends family

New Ramzan Mubarak DP 2021 for WhatsApp, Facebook

Planning to set up a new DP for WhatsApp and Facebook for the Ramzan period ? Then you must definitely choose one from the below given high definition (HD), jpg images, for your new and fresh Ramzan special profile picture.

Ramadan Mubarak DP for WhatsApp and Facebook
Ramadan Mubarak DP for WhatsApp and Facebook
Ramadan Mubarak 2021 DP for WhatsApp and Facebook
Ramadan Mubarak 2021 DP for WhatsApp and Facebook

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Shayari in Urdu & Hindi

Shayri or Shayari is the Urdu word for the English word Poetry. As we all know that Quran, the holy book of the Muslims, have been composed in Urdu, hence when talking about Ramzan, Shayri’s play an important role. Below you will find an amazing and astounding collection of Shayaris in Hindi as well as Urdu. You can certainly share these beautiful and short shayaris with you friends and family in WhatsApp ,Facebook or by normal SMS.

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Shayari in Urdu:

  • BeZubanon Ko Jub Wo Zaban Deta HaiParhne Ko Phir Wo Quraan Deta Hai Bakhshne Pe Aye Jub Ummat K Gunahon KoTohfe Mai Gunahgaron Ko Ramzan Deta Ha
  • Hum Ap K Dil Main Rehte Hain,Is Liye Her Dard Sehte Hain,Koi Hum Se Pehle Wish Na Ker De Apko,Is Liye Sub Se Pehlay “Happy Ramadan Ul Mubarak” Kehte Hain
  • Ay Allah!Mujhe Ramzan K Liye Salamat Rakh Or Ramzan Ko Mere Liye Rehmat Bana Or Maqbol Bana Salamat Rakh (Ameen)
  • Hadees Pak Mein Hai, Jis Ne Ramazan Ke Mahine Main Ek Baar Surah Ikhlas Padhi Allah Ne Uske 50 Saal Ke Gunah Bakhsh Diye Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Shayari in Hindi:

  • Chand mein agar dil na hota, yeh tanha dil majboor na hota, hum apko shubh ratri kehne zaroor aate, agar aapka ghar itna door na hota. Ramzan Mubarak mere dost.
  • Jab aanso aaye toh ro jaate hain; jab khwab aaye toh kho jaate hain; neend aankho mein aati nahin; bas aap khwabo mein aaoge; yehi sochkar hum so jaate hain. Allah ki Dua rahe.
  • Khuda aapko har buri nazar se bachaye; duniya ki tamam khushiyon se saja de aapko; dukh kya hota hain yeh kabhi pata na chale; khuda zindagi main itna hasaye aapko; Ramzan Mubaraq meri jaan.

Ramzan Chand Mubarak Images 2021

 The moon ( hindi “Chand”) is of great Importance for the month of Ramadan or Ramzan. The entire month of Ramadan is decided on the basis of the lunar calendar and hence dates of Ramzan keep changing every year. The beginning and the end of the holy month on Ramadan is signified by the sighting of the crescent moon. You can use this as Beautiful Ramzan Mubarak Chand Wallpaper HD as your personal pictures.

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Chand Wallpaper HD Beautiful
Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Chand Wallpaper HD Beautiful

Thus the “Chand Mubaraq” images can be used to wish people on this extremely pious month of Ramathan/ Ramazan. Do take a look at the amazing collection of  “Chand Mubaraq” images by using which you can wish your friends and family on this Ramzan, 2021.

Chand Ramzan Mubarak 2021 images
Chand Ramzan Mubarak 2021 images
Special Chand Ramzan Mubarak 2021 images
Special Chand Ramzan Mubarak 2021 images
Special Chand Mubarak images for Ramadan 2021
Special Chand Mubarak images for Ramadan 2021

Special Ramzan Mubarak Status 2021 in Urdu

In a hurry? Want to wish everyone at a go? If so, then you can definitely put up this high quality ,jpg image in your WhatsApp status and let everyone receive you Ramzan wishes.

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Status Whatsapp Urdu
Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Status Whatsapp Urdu

Dua for Ramzan Mubarak in Urdu

Dua” is an Islamic terminology which can be defined as an intimate or personal conversation with God or Allah which can take place at any time of the day or night. The word “Dua” has been derived from an Arabic word which means “ to summon” or “ to call out”. Dua is a form of an worshipping act which is to stabilize the relationship between God and an individual. Through Dua , one asks for forgiveness for all the sins that he or she has committed, and also asks God for his favors. It is considered to be a gateway for Allah’s mercy.

Here is a list of Duas which you can use for the sacred month of Ramzan.

  • Dua for fasting: Allahumma inni laka sumtu, wa bika aamantu, [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu], wa Ala rizqika aftartu

Meaning- I believe in you my Allah. I have fasted for you and only you.

  • Dua for sighting the crescent moon:  Allahuakbar! Allahumma, ahillahu ‘alaina bil-amni wal-imani was-salamati wal-Islami wat-taufiqi lima tuhibbu wa tardu. Rabbuna wa rabbukallah

Meaning- Allah is the greatest of all. Lord , let the moon loom above us in peace and safety, thus blessing us with the ability to succeed in whatever good we do. Everyone’s Lord is Allah.

Dua for the three ashras:

  • First Ashra- Rabbi ighfir warham wa anta khayrur raahimeen

Meaning- The good and Merciful lord, have mercy on me.

  • Second Ashra- Astagfirullaha rab-bi min kulli zambiyon wa-atoobuilaiyh 

Meaning- My Lord, Allah, I ask you for forgiveness for all the sins that I have committed. Please forgive me my Lord.

  • Third Ashra- Allahumma Ajirni minan naar

Meaning– Greatest Allah , save me from the burning fire of the hell.

Ramzan Mubarak images 2021 with Shayari

Are you a great fan of Shayaris? Does it feel incomplete to wish someone on the divine month of Ramzan without a Ramzan special shayari? To make it complete , here’s some shayaris written on beautiful backgrounds, which you can use to wish  a Ramzan Mubarak 2021 to your friends and relatives to make this Ramzan, more special for them with these urdu & hindi shayari.

Ramzan Mubaraq Images with Shayaris in Hindi
Ramzan Mubaraq Images with Shayaris in Hindi
Ramzan Mubarak Images with Shayaris in Urdu
Ramzan Mubarak Images with Shayaris in Urdu

Ramzan 2021 ka Pehla Jumma Mubarak

Ramzan or Ramadan is season of joy & self-discipline for the Muslims. It teaches an individual three important aspects of life- i.e. self- discipline, self-control and sacrifice. It helps to build an empathy and sympathy for the people who are comparatively less fortunate, thus promoting generosity among all.  This month allows every individual to focus on concentrating their minds in prayer and seeking forgiveness from Allah and being thankful to him for all that he has given for so long. Ramzan 2021 ka Pehla Jumma Mubarak with this Chand Urdu image.

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Images Wishes Pehla Jumma
Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Images Wishes | Pehla Jumma Mubarak

You should definitely be a part of the joy of your Muslim friend, colleague , neighbor or any known person on this special festival of theirs. The sacrificial month of Ramadan/ Ramzan ends with the grand and celebration of Eid. Wishing them a blessed Eid falls under our duty.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with the wishes, images and shayaris for whatsapp, instagram & facebook in urdu, english & hindi. Also, check Alvida Ramadan Mubarak Wishes that you were looking for your Ramzan Mubarak ka pehla Jumma Mubarak. We wish you a Very Happy and Holy Ramzan and Eid Al-Fitr 2021. May Allah guide you in every phase of your life. RAMZAN MUBARAK 2021!!!!